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What we have here is almost like an update, a version 2 of Nathan's first Matrix Reloaded map for JK2. This one is for JKA and has a whole l...


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What we have here is almost like an update, a version 2 of Nathan's first Matrix Reloaded map for JK2. This one is for JKA and has a whole lot more added. Nathan also fixed a few things that people had complaints about. My biggest issue was the FPS. It was hard to have an FFA in the main area because the FPS was so low. Others didn't like how the teleporters were set up because they couldn't remember where the Tea Room was or how to get to the Architect's Room. I had the Matrix Reloaded map on my server for quite a while and people quickly got bored of the map. The only place people really dueled or FFA'ed was in the main area because it was so hard to tell someone where you were or how to get there.

The main area hasn't changed at all really. Except I did notice that the FPS there has increased for me. The phone booth teleporters now have signs over them, so you can easily figure out which way to go. :) The power station has been revamped. It's much more colorful than before. That spark that was in the tower thing has been fixed. Though I kinda liked it and hoped it'd stay. Oh well. And a half pipe has been added under the overpass. The Chateau arena has also had a bit of a face lift. And then there are the corridors. They still take you to places like the Tea Room (where Neo fights Seraph), the Matrix-y Tea Room and the Architect's room, with only a few minor changes. The Jolt bar is still up on the roof, but it's had a bit of an upgrade. Oooh ... fun thing added to the roof ... a "Jump Programme". It just catapults you from one side to the next. Oh, and you remember that "flat" from the Jolt bar? It's still there and things have been rearranged in it a bit. But there's a second one. Has a very interesting little area upstairs. Take the slide down and you'll whoosh past a few places that you'll probably want to visit again later. Darn my curiousity. I spent more time on that slide thing trying to get to the various places that branched off from there than I spent anywhere else on the map.

Now there are four distinct new areas added. The first one I came across was the Ice Programme. Pretty much it's just an ice rink with a slippery surface. I do really like the look of the ice here. The whole place looks great. Then I found my way to the Kick Programme. Um, I don't get this area. You slide down into that green stuff down at the bottom and it just transports you back to where you began in the program. How is kicking involved? Especially in JKA where we can't kick! Grrr. Then there's the Bounce Programme. Yup, you guessed it - you bounce here. The platform slowly moves up and down and you bounce in various areas on the platform. And finally, my favorite room here, the Matrix Raceway. There are several swoops waiting for you when you transport in and you can race along the bottom, underneath the track or up on the track all around that Matrix-y thing in the center. That green pole thing in the center actually serves as a transporter thing back to the main area. And yes, you can go through on your swoop. Ah, but Nathan was clever and he put in this fence thing so you can't take the swoops out into the main area.

I always liked the first version of the Matrix Reloaded map, but this one is much better. It battles that boredom that people experienced with the first, because the first map seemed to just be something to look at. In fact, this new version reminds me of a map that I almost never got bored of playing - the TMBJ clan map. A lot of the new rooms added here are very similiar to those of that map. Good work here, Nathan. I look forward to seeing more from you in the future.

Bot Support: Yes New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA (& JKR), Duel


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Download '' (26.42MB)


Mapped By :		[SASH] NaThan
	      	            email : Nathan'at'

Maps Included :	Matrix Relaoded ( ffa, gunz, saber, full force, etc ), Matrix Reloaded r ( same as normal but
			no signs for them who wish to get lost in the matrix ) , Duel_Powerstation, Duel_Teahouse,  Duel_Chateau and 

Version : 		Version 2.1 ( JKA  updated Version ) 

New Textures :		Yea, spent far too long making em too :P

New Music :		Yea, same mp3 from V1 with a new start mixed in by me.

New Shaders :		Yea :)

New Models : 		nope :P

Bot Support :  		Yea, limited mainly to main arena, powerstation and chateau, if a 
			bot strays into any other arena dont expect em to stay there and fight :) they just on a stright 
			line to get em back to the main arenas :) all duel maps routed.

Installation :		Just take the Matrix Relaoded Pak file and place it into yur
			JK2/gamedata/Base Folder or for JKA, into yur JKA/gamedata/base folder
			this will install all the maps :)
			Any problems with install pls feel free to email.
Map Notes :		ALOT had changed since version1, the main arena does have sum fps low
			spots which cant be helped due to the nature of the layout, the middle of
			map thou does run at a high fps, which is great for FFA :D But if u find 
			that it is unplayable the other arenas all run at a high fps :)

			Also you will notice the power station arena isnt true to the film, i have 
			included a moter way instead of the car park where trinity drove off, i found 
			the car park with all its levels was kinda too much, theres plenty of areas
			to fight on without sum big car park for people to get even more spread-out
			and lost :)
			I also included a few like training programmes ( like this is the matrix yo )
			theres 4 intotal and i hope you find them alot of fun :D pls no emails saying
			'yo that wasnt in the film man ' cos i know but, as i said, its the matrix :D

			Secret Areas you ask? well yes there is 3 in total but i wont tell you where
 			they are ( wouldnt be a secret now would it :P )

			problems with FPS and JKA try this : r_dynamicGlow "0" will help alot.

Special Thanks 
To The Following :	Big shout out to the [SASH] Clan :D firstly i would like to thank Lil Killa for 	
			helping me in version one of map with custom shaders, and making the ladder 
			shader and also pointing me towards the sweet wood texture used in map.
			Matt | [SASH] Biscuit for chewy and error textures ROFL!! 
			[SASH] Evil Ani and [SASH] Jokerdood for helping with the testing of the map.
			Giuseppe Smith - for the hand drawn agent smith picture  and beta testing. 
			and Q for judging loadas screens and beta testing. M.Chrono for answering 
			my questions on getting swoops to work in game and lastly Jedi[ADAM] for 
			testing sum of the betas and giving advice on this mod.

			Chateau floor texture made by [EK] ( Everlight Knight ) used with permission
 			and with a big thank you to the maker:)
			For a better version of the Chateau check out EK's map

			Wood Texture by HFX

			Main arena brick texture and oven texture by jimbo

			Rich Diesals mapping university, taught me alot about the quake 3 engine 
			and jk2 mapping
			Also a big mention to all my friends in the JK2/JKA world, at the Jolt servers,
		 	IDS server, Sash server and JK2files server.

Must also mention JK2MODS/JK3MODS check out site for details on the upcoming
star wars TCs, and the MATRIX TC. visit : /

Visit the [SASH] Site at :
and the [SASH] server at :



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