MauDae's JK3 Killtracker



MauDae brings us yet another Kill Tracker, but this time it's for JA! When I heard about it for the first time I thought cool we get to see more kill trackers, but I tested it and I said man! I didn't like it too much, it says you need to get an additional software called Microsoft's .NET Framework 1.1, which is just an additional program of junk on your system and my system is running out of room :O. One nice thing sort of is the built in winamp player although I still prefer a normal winamp because it replies to the KT quicker. He didn't add too much from the last one, which isn't too bad. Now if you go to the JK3files server you already know that you can't use KTs so there is something that won't be good if you get this. He changed some commands, and some of them he just changed their name. I only think this is good if you want to track your kills like it was made to do, I wouldn’t use it for the music part just get the Winamp Controller. MauDae I personally think the KT would be much better without the Framework and make it like the old KT.

In the end the KT isn’t too amazing compared to his last ones because they are all pretty much the same. I like the new design though although it looks big, I still like it. I really wished we didn’t need that Framework software, but oh well he must have put it in there for a good reason. One thing that was good is that like all his Kill Trackers, it keeps track of your kills isn’t that amazing! Of course it keeps track of your duels too and unfortunately your deaths :(. So if you really want a KT that will last you then get this one till the next update comes out. Good Job MauDae, but I wish that Framework wasn’t there :-/.




File Info:		MauDae's Kill Tracker 1.0 for JK3
Created by: 		Maudae
Website: 		maudae.avalonx.net
email: 			[email protected] or [email protected]
Installation:		Extract all the files to the same location. Anywhere you prefer. You MUST have Microsoft's .NET Framework 1.1. Get it at http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=262D25E3-F589-4842-8157-034D1E7CF3A3&displaylang=en
Comments:		If you find any bugs or have suggestions email me or contact me on AIM. My SN is iifuzz

How To Use:
Fill out your name(cant be over 29 characters including the color codes) without the color codes, or once ingame, type    /name     in the console and it will refresh the name for you.

 !stats - displays your stats for FFA and Dueling.
 !ratio - displays your kills per death and the percentage of duels you have won.
 !time - displays the current time and date.
 !info playername - will get the info for the player name you specified and display the results.
 !silent - will set the Kill messages and MP3 messages to Echo but leave the dueling messages to say in chat.
 !loud - will change all the messages back to say in chat.
 !ktoff - will turn off all messages
 !kton - will turn on all messages.
 !play text - will search your play list for a song with the text in its file name and play it. It will also show you the results if there were more then 1 song found.
 !songs - will display all the songs in your play list in the console along with a index number in the beginning of each song.
 !index # - will go directly to the index # you specify (get the index # from the !songs command)
 !stop - stops the music
 !pause - pauses and resumes the music
 !next - goes to the next song
 !prev - goes to the previous song

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