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Oh yay, an MCC design. I happen to like MCC maps and they tend to be good. This ones not bad, however I¡¦m not sure that it lives up to som...


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Oh yay, an MCC design. I happen to like MCC maps and they tend to be good. This ones not bad, however I¡¦m not sure that it lives up to some of their work. I mean common, this compared to Whooville this is nothing. Still this map isn¡¦t bad. Its based around ( or seems to be) 3 of hangar bays of the famous Area 51. This map has some nice work in it, however the texture and models (or lack thereof, if you see the spaceships their just a couple curve patches) give this map too much of a cartoony look in my opinion detracting from the whole serious music and theme. Also I think the hangars are a little to open giving it a large plain boxy feel. Still there are some good pluses to this map. There are lots of shaders in this map, along with lots of sounds and movement. The ships float up and down while making a slight humming sound (well it seemed like they were to me, but I guess it could have been my speakers) the fuel cords and processors glow. And although the textures don¡¦t look that realistic there are a lot of new ones, which is a plus. Also if you open the middle of the 3 hangars (there¡¦s a button on the back wall if you can¡¦t figure out how) you¡¦ll see a spaceship flying by outside ƒº altogether, this is a pretty good map, however I think it could still use some work. Still nice job, hopefully you¡¦ll take my advice in making a updated version since this map has a lot of promise. 8/10 ~DeathBringer

New Textures: Yes New Shaders: Yes Bot Support: Yes Gametypes: FFA

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Title: Area 51 S-4 Flight Hangar
Author: Reyor-Wan Semaj 
E-mail: [email protected]

Filesize: 26 Mbs

Filename: mccarea51.pk3

Gametypes: FFA

Installation: Just extract the mccarea51.pk3 file in your base folder.
Description: An adaptation of ideas gathered from programs on SciFi channel and throughout the net. We've all heard about area 51 before and most of us have played games based on
the premise of the base. This is a map originally made for jk2 but never released because of the new JKA coming. It's a possible hangar located in the S-4 area of the area 51 
facilities with some 'vehicles' of unknown origin located inside. Pure fiction but it was fun to do.

Comments: New shaders, 99% original textures by myself and Onobi Foondu,the other 1% are textures found on the web in the puclic domain.
All the new shaders are courtesy of Onobi Foondu, leader of the MCC mapping alliance. He is also responsible for the intricate piping in the ceiling of this level.Special thanks 
go to Justin Durbin of Edgen Animations for his beautiful theme music.

All of our textures are copyright 2003 OuterLimit Productions so please don't use them with out written consent from us. The shaders are Onobi Foondus and if you ask niceley
he might let you use those.

Special thanks go to the Hoschies guys for doing our beta testing for us.  


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