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Now here's a good idea. Take an idea like a Medieval Knight and make several versions of it. There's not a lot of work involved. All that...


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Now here's a good idea. Take an idea like a Medieval Knight and make several versions of it. There's not a lot of work involved. All that the author did here for these skins to make them different is change the color and image on the front and back of the skin. But you still get a bit of variety. Mithrandir took inspiration from Monty Python and the Holy Grail, which may be why you recognize a few of the skins.

The default skin is based on King Arthur's tunic, from the movie, and features a sun with a mustache, I believe. The blue skin has a large white tree just on the front of the skin, with just a bit of blue that runs down the back of the shoulders. This is probably my favorite of the four. The third skin has a falcon on the front and back of the skin. The fourth, sports a griffin as the symbol on the skin. All skins are Reborn, but they don't look like Reborn to me. The skins are interesting, and they have a clean look to them. So I do like them. Unfortunately, what is meant to look like chainmail, looks more like gingham.

What's really disappointing about these skins is that there's no new sounds! And if the author had done team support for each skin, this could've been a great skin pack. But what these skins need more than anything are custom taunts. Worth a download? I say wait until the author updates these skins - which I hope he does. :)

Bot Support: No Team Colors: No New Sounds: No


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy Skin

Medieval Knight Skin for JK:JA
by Mithrandir (AKA Cephas)
Tested w/ Jedi Knight Jedi Academy 1.01.
Simply Extract to your "gamedirectory/GameData/Base" folder and play. 

There are 4 variations of this skin, the default (accesible through the profile menu picture sun), the blue (accesible through the console, "/model medievalknight/blue" without the quotes), the Falcon crest (accesible through the console, "/model medievalknight/falcon" without the quotes), and the Griffin crest (accesible through the console, "/model medievalknight/griffin" without the quotes).

Note: In multiplayer, unless the server has the skin, you may not be able to use this skin on -=*PURE*=- servers (your data must match the server's), however, on non-pure servers you may use this skin.

Email me at [email protected] if there are bugs with the skin, I am also available on AIM screen name mj12mithrandir.  If you have a question please state the subject of the email with JKA Skin <bug, problem, etc.>.

-{History lesson}-
The medieval knights of the 11th and 12th mostly were mostly nobility raised from birth to fight for their loyalty by an oath known as The Oath Of Fealty, which basically says they are loyal to whom they are pledging to.  The knights lived by and were bound to the code of Chivalry, which basically says, Protect the Innocent, and defend the Weak.  Unlike the big suits of armor you stereotype Medieval Knights to have, those suits of armor didnt start showing up until the 13th and 14th century, and Chainmail was the most used. On the torso of the skin there is the surcoat or tunic which has the Knight's crest, there the Knight would have an image of an object, animal, etc.

Special thanks goes to... Monty Python and The Holy Grail, as this was my inspiration to make skins resembling them (the default skin is based on King Arthur's Tunic, and the blue Skin is based on Sir Bedevere's Tunic.)  You may distribute this skin freely, if you edit it and re-distribute it, make sure you give me credit for the original skin, idea, etc.

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