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This weapon pack consists of 9 different swords, although only 4 of them are totally unique from the others. The first sword I tried was the Buster Sword, and being a FF7 Fan, I can honestly say it doesn't look brilliant . It's a little shabby in terms of texturing - all of them are, and the metal isnt shiny enough, nor the blade sharp enough. In fact, some of the swords seem to have wooden blades, most noticeably the Katana sword and its 3 variations. So I can see a lot of room for improvement. :( The sheer size of the sword is also a bit off, it's too big. I know it's suppossed to be big, but not THIS big :p. The problem being, that with strong style, you can't fight properly because your character kinda flinches and pulls back a little when the blade hits the floor. It also looks stupid.

The second sword I came to was something called a Halberd, whch had 2 variations. Each was like a stick with a blade curving from the end, and the variation had a blade at each end. Again, texturing a little odd, and the blades were very blunt. On the plus side, they look cool when you do special tricks with them :) The third sword I got to was the Katana sword (which had 3 variations which I can remember) These were undoubtedly the worst of the pack - The only difference between the variations was the size of the blade and hilt, and I think one of them may havehad a curved blade, like a cutlass.

Next up is my favourite sword of the pack. I can't quite remember it's name, although I think it was called a 'Rapier.' (Sword in far bottom-left of the screenshot) Now this sword had class :) The hilt was very nice and curvy, and looked really cool to hold. It also looked the sharpest and most deadly out of all the weapons. This sword easily owns the pack. Then came the 'B*stard sword' Dunno why it's called that, but it looked the same as the Katana. Not brilliant.

The last unique sword came in the form of a staff. It had two variations. One was a 'scythe' and the other a Scimitar. Its the thing that the Grim Reaper always carries ;) The wooden parts of these weapons looked okay, and so did the blades. So, not rubbish, but not too impressive. The Scythe is different simply because it has a black handle :p.

Last, but definitely not least is the custom sounds. They really add depth to this pack which gives it a little more cause for enjoyment. The author has over-increased the filesize a bit because he has added the same sounds into all the pk3's, when he could have just added them into one pack and used thee set of sounds once, but It's not too bad :) Another minor problem is that with the large handled weapons, i.e the Buster Sword, the character fingers tend to go through the hilt. Pretty good modeling here, I would like to see how much better these can be with some texture improvements :).

New Textures: Yes New Models: Yes New Sounds: Yes

~Szico VII~



Author: Stotto
Email: [email protected]

INSALLATION NOTES\___________________________________

To install swords, extract all files enclosed into the base folder

How To Use      \____________________________________

Swords will appear inside of your saber selection. Simply click the sword you would like to use and click the "Apply Changes" button.

Weapons Included\____________________________________

Bastard Sword
Buster Sword
Stotto Blade
Stotto Double Blade

Legal Terms     \_____________________________________



If you would like to put these swords up on your own site please ask for permission from me. You can reach me on msn messenger ([email protected]) or aim (quackamire).

Thanks to:      \_____________________________________

Slice Dice and Mince for the sounds and saber blur that was in the melee mod and <TR> Tiri for helpin me start out

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