Medieval Times: Melee Redux

For those of you who have been active on the forums, you have known about Inyri's Melee Redux Mod for quite some time. Well, it's finally...


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For those of you who have been active on the forums, you have known about Inyri's Melee Redux Mod for quite some time. Well, it's finally here for us to enjoy! Featuring 13 weapons: Longsword, Claymore, Shortsword, Aribeth's Longsword, Aribeth's Shortsword, Achilles' Sword, Falchion, Aldred's Blade, Halberd, Spear, Quarterstaff, Dwarven War Axe, and Morningstar; 11 shields: Round Shield (Slat Shield), Buckler, Greek Buckler, Kite Shield, Barbarossa Shield, Elven Shield, French Kite Shield, Tower Shield, Dented Tower Shield, Roman Shield, and French Shield; and 4 player skins: Crusader, Moor, Viking, and Hoplite; you can be sure you will have some excellent Medieval fun :).

The models in this pack are incredible. They are well detailed and have some very stylish shaders on them :p. If the models don't strike you as impressive, then the player skins sure will. They are extremely high quality (If I didn't know any better I'd say the Hoplite skin was a model lol), and are pretty historically accurate.

Inyri had a little help making this mod possible, like the blood effects were taken from the Slice, Dice & Mince - Melee Mod, and some of the shield skins and even one of the swords were donated by various members of the JA community (including me ;)). All the authors of those things were fully credited in the readme.

The only downside to this mod IMO is that there are so many swords, but a only a very small amount of axe and club type weapons. I'd like to see more in a v2 if there is one. Also, I'd like to see some type of reformed engine to help with the damages, and make the shields actually act like shields ;).

Bottom Line: If thou hath been waiting for a mod such as this, then thee must download thy file immediately. All thy player skins have Bot an NPC support. None of thy player skins have Team Colors. Glorious new sounds hath been taken from NeverWinter Nights.

~ Innocent Hawk

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Title: Medieval Times: Melee Redux
Author: Inyri Forge

File Name:
File Size: 15MB
Date Released: 10 August 2005

I.	Description
II.	Backstory
III.	Spawn Commands
IV.	Installation Instructions
V.	Known Bugs
VI.	Programs Used
VII.	Credits
VIII.	Special Thanks
IX.	Author's Notes
X.	Legal Notes and Disclaimer

After seeing a couple of crusader type skins on JK3Files, and modelling a few model packs on my own, I decided to make a medieval-inspired weapons pack for Jedi Academy. I'm more into swords than lightsabers or guns, so it was right up my alley.

This contains (at last count, which I think should be accurate) 13 weapons, 11 shields, and 4 player skins, all of which are accessibly through the single-player menus. It also contains Slice, Dice & Mince's blood mod (mostly unaltered). It was really that mod, the Melee Mod (;20913) that inspired me to make this.

-13 new weapons
-11 shields
-4 player skins
-Slice, Dice & Mince's awesome blood mod
-full single-player skin/weapon support
-different stance animations
-new menus
-new menu video

Please bare in mind that all shields were designed to work only in dual saber mode, and many of the swords were designed with the same set-up in mind. Shields won't do much damage, and are set to only parry. Many of the swords are designed as one-handed swords, so if you use them alone one hand will float beneath the hilt.

To use any of these as dual, use the following command with the saber names in section III:

/saber saber1 saber2

The Crusades were a dark time in history. The Europeans slaughtered the Moors and the Arabs, who were deemed unclean, the enemies of Christianity. Though these times spawned death and destruction, they also brought about a culture which still remains with us today. Movies such as Kingdom of Heaven and Troy remind us of these dark times, yet bring us the excitement of their battles, and inspire us to fight out own.

Medieval Times: Melee Redux allows you to play as these warriors, fighting with their weapons and style, and quite efficiently dismembering your opponents. Remember to fight with honor.

These commands will help you use these weapons and skins in single player.


Longsword                /saber longsword
Achilles' Sword          /saber achilles
Aribeth's Longsword      /saber aribeth_long
Aribeth's Shortsword     /saber aribeth_short
Claymore                 /saber claymore
Dwarven War Axe          /saber dwarvenwaraxe
Falchion                 /saber falchion
Morningstar              /saber morningstar
Shortsword               /saber shortsword
Aldred's Blade           /saber aldredblade
Halberd                  /saber halberd
Spear                    /saber spear
Quarterstaff             /saber quarterstaff
Roundshield              /saber roundshield
Barbarossa's Shield      /saber barbarossa
Buckler                  /saber buckler
Greek Buckler            /saber buckler2
Elven Shield             /saber elvenshield
French Shield            /saber frenchshield
Kite Shield              /saber kiteshield
French Kite Shield       /saber kiteshield2
Roman Shield             /saber romanshield
Tower Shield             /saber towershield
Dented Tower Shield      /saber towershield2
Wooden Shield            /saber woodshield


Crusader                 /npc spawn crusader
Crusader (Claymore)      /npc spawn crusader_claymore
Crusader (Tower Shield)  /npc spawn crusader_tower
Moor                     /npc spawn moor
Moor (Dual Falchion)     /npc spawn moor_falchion
Moor (Spear)             /npc spawn moor_spear
Moor (Halberd)           /npc spawn moor_halberd
Viking                   /npc spawn viking
Viking (Falchion)        /npc spawn viking_falchion
Viking (Spear)           /npc spawn viking_spear
Viking (Halberd)         /npc spawn viking_halberd
Greek Hoplite            /npc spawn hoplite

To install "Medieval Times: Melee Redux" unzip all files into your "GameData" folder. Everything must stay in the folder heirarchy set in the zip file.

If you want to use any part of the mod all the time, such as the skins or weapons, just copy it to your base folder.

-Some of the weapons have some singleplayer errors, where you can't use two of them at once. I haven't figured out why this error occurs, but it doesn't seem to happen in multiplayer. Off the top of my head, this seems to happen with the dwarven war axe, and I think it happened once with one of Aribeth's swords. My advice is to stick with a sword and a shield. The weapons were designed to be used that way.
-I had some issues with the hoplite skin in the single-player menu, so I had to get him in there a roundabout way. Be aware that if you choose that skin, in order to use another you'll have to click a different head, otherwise your torso/legs will look invisible.
-When you switch from a gun to the swords, you'll hear the lightsaber ignite sound. I'm under the impression that if I changed it it will change for lightsabers as well, so I left it alone.

-Photoshop: Skinning, icons
-Screenblast Sound Forge & WavePad: sound editing
-Notepad: menu, effects, string, shader, npc modification
-Pakscape: PK3 compilation
-ModView: skinning

Oh boy are there a lot of credits. Bear with me here, and I do hope you read them, because these folks deserve the credit I give them. I'll separate crediting into categories.

Slice, Dice & Mince - Melee Mod: This was my inspiration, and I borrowed their blood mod because I couldn't hope to make a better one myself. I hope that their mod will live on through mine, rather than be hopelessly crushed. I don't want it to be crushed, that would be mean :P
Neverwinter Nights (Bioware): Everyone loves KotOR, but few know KotOR would not exist were it not for Neverwinter nights. NWN, in addition to being a great inspiration, was an excellent source of sounds, which I have borrowed for several 'magic' sound effects. If you like this mod, definitely go out and buy NWN. It's awesome, and worth the cash.

Let me start off by saying I held a little skinning contest for my shield models, so there are a bunch of people who contributed shields. They're in no particular order.
S3phiroth - Skinned the Roman tower shield.
sithvicious - Skinned the elven shield.
Lazerbeak - Skinned the wooden shield, the buckler, the French kite shield, and the dented tower shield.
Haruki Exodis - Skinned the French tower shield.
Innocent Hawk - Skinned the Greek buckler.
Almighty_gir - Donated Aldred's Sword to this pack, out of the kindness of his heart.

Haruki Exodis
Innocent Hawk

Almighty_gir - Thanks for the skinning help, and being brutally honest all the time. True, I didn't fix half the stuff you told me too, but I've learned for the future ;)
Ghost/Madcat - My beta tester through each phase, as well as my voice of reason. Thanks for always having a weapon to suggest, and always saying what you thought of them and not sucking up to me because I'm a Goddess. Er... I didn't say that.
My Supporters - Thanks to everyone who supported the pack on the forums, and everyone who supported it in the trailer comments. It's you I mod for... and myself of course, but mostly you!
Slice, Dice & Mince - Without your mod I'd never have considered doing this. Kudos, and dedication, to you!

Somewhere along the way this evolved from a medieval thing to a 'make weapons and skins from every era' thing. However had I kept going this pack would never have been released, so I told myself to stop and release the darn thing.

I can't say for sure whether there will be a second release of this. It depends on two things: community reaction and my own personal feelings. If the community likes it, I may consider making a second release with more weapons.

It may also be prudent to note that I made the NPCs with filming in mind... so when they beat you senseless don't come crying to me ;)


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