Medieval Times: Melee Redux Teaser Trailer

This is a trailer of a weapons mod being created by Inyri Forge.

This is the low res version mainly for people using 56K there is a high...


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This is a trailer of a weapons mod being created by Inyri Forge.

This is the low res version mainly for people using 56K there is a high res version available here: click

All I can really say about this is, wow. it looks incredible. I am particularly fond of the shields, nothing I can really say here will do it justice, take a look for yourself.

It does look kind of funny to see medieval weapons being used with force powers, but there is no reason why not, the force is older than all of us :)


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Download '' (6.49MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Medieval Times: Melee Redux Teaser Trailer
AUTHOR: Inyri Forge

FILENAME: meleeteaser_hires.wmv and meleeteaser_lores.wmv
FILESIZE: Roughly 20mb for hi-res and 6.5mb for lo-res
DATE RELEASED: 22 July 2005

CREDITS: I'd like to give a big thanks to -Ghost- (MadCat) for helping me with several aspects of this video, including music selection and beta-watching.

Also, this video can't go without a thanks to BioWare! NWN nights, which the video's music comes from, is an awesome game, and you should all go out and buy it RIGHT NOW! :P

Last but certainly not least, a thanks to all the people who are supporting the mod. You guys rock.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Click and play! You'll need Windows Media Player, though.

DESCRIPTION: This is a teaser trailer for my weapons mod "Medieval Times: Melee Redux". I added the "Melee Redux" part on the end because I'm hoping this pack will be somewhat of a replacement for the Melee Mod by Slice, Dince, and Mince (found here:;20913). However my mod doesn't have everything the original does, so I definitely suggest you try it out if you like melee/swords.

This mod currently has about 13 weapons made, and I plan a plethora more before finishing. It sports many different types of one-handed weapons - longswords, axes, a falchion - as well as some two-handed weapons - a claymore, a halberd, a spear. My true pride and joy, however, are the shields - a round shield, a kite shield, and a tower shield - each with multiple versions. In fact I started a shield skinning contest ( so if any of you want to get in on the action, check it out!

For a little bit of added fun I included a couple of timely skins - a crusader and a moor (no, I'm not racist... it's history). I've seen several crusader skins, but I really felt like they wouldn't do the era justice. Both come fully equipped with shiny chain mail as well as several NPC files for each.

What else, hmm... Oh yes, the part I borrowed from the Melee Mod is basically the blood effects. I may try to make them look a bit more realistic, but that really depends on the flexibility of the engine.

COMMENTS: Want to contribute to the fledgling mod? Post your comments and suggestions!

Don't ask me when this'll be released. It could be a couple of weeks, or it could be closer to a month. I have a lot more weapons to make, and I want this pack to be chalk-full of good stuff.


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