Mega Punishment



Y'know, when an author dubs himself -IT- Sushisource "god of L337n355" (taken from the readme), you expect the map to be good, right? This is an FFA map called Mega Punishment. It's pretty much designed to be a guns FFA map. There are four gun turrets in this small map, all pointing at unbreakable glass. The glass works great as a shield, but it makes the turrets fairly useless unless someone walks directly in front of the gun. If there's any way to lower the glass, I didn't find it. You don't really have a huge selection of weapons to choose from. It's the E-11 or det packs. If you can manage to get up on top of the grate ceiling and into the indestructable glass cylinder, then you'll be rewarded with the concussion rifle. There are several bright green panels on the floor behind the turrets, but they didn't seem to serve a purpose.

Maybe I'm missing something about this map - but I just didn't find this an entertaining map at all. Of course, I couldn't test the map with bots, so I really don't know what an FFA would be like on this map. There's no point in playing a sabers only FFA on this map, and most duel servers that I know of don't use guns, so that seems pointless too. Don't get me wrong here, I like the idea of a small map geared towards frenzied FFA's. My issues are with the glass that doesn't appear to do anything but serve as a shield - but right in front of turrets, rendering the weapons useless, the lack of choices in weapons and there being too many of the weapons that are available. Limiting the ammo and number of det packs is what makes for a challenging FFA. Having an almost endless supply makes it easy for anyone to kill.

That's just my thoughts on this map. Take 'em or leave 'em. Maybe this is exactly what the mapper was going for. It's just not how I like to play the game. :)

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	   mpmap (mega punsihment)
Ok really i was just to lazy to give it a 
real name...

Intallation: You guys all know what to do!
Just extract the pk3 to your 
jedi academy/game data/base

This is a ffa/teamffa/duel map created by me
-IT- Sushisource god of L337n355 It is an
extremely slose quarters map meant to be very

Spencer Judge
-IT- Sushisource
[email protected]

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