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I've never been a MegaMan kind of person. I've played it before... I just suck at it. My hand-eye coordination skills weren't made for 8-bit shooters. In any case, who out there doesn't know who MegaMan is, even if you've never played it? Any true gamer at least knows, in its most basic sense, what MegaMan looks like. He's like... a teenaged male version of Samus Aran! Okay, that might be a little inaccurate (wishful thinking on my part) but that's alright.

I'm not familiar with this exact rendition of Mega Man (had to look it up on Wiki, but it seems pretty straightforward) so I'll get down to the review with what information I have. I'll start out with saying that the reborn_new model was probably not the best option for this skin. However it was also not the worst option. While I wouldn't say it looks like Mega Man, it does show roughly the right color theme (they seem to be the right colors in the right places) so it's really not too bad. On the downside, there are no custom sounds and this overwrites the default reborn_new, which is never a good idea. Maybe not never, but close to never.

To improve this, a better model would go a long way. Also custom sounds would be great, and a non-overwriting skin is a must. Beyond that, a lot of imagination until a specific Mega Man model is made. Though for Mega Man fans (and all fans of the classics) imagination is usually not in short supply.

Team Support: Yes (blue only, red is default Reborn New) Bot Support: Default Reborn New NPC Support: Default Reborn New New Sounds: No




MegaMan EXE skin by Aaron Smith.

* just unzip the file, and place the pk3 file into your base folder!
* This is my first skin, so don't expect greatness!  ;P
* Since I'm new to this, it uses the regular new reborn voice, and it also replaces your   new_reborn skin, so I'd suggest making a backup copy.
* You need to set the new_reborn skin to team blue for the megaman skin to work (You'll see the   new reborn's icon change from normal to a white icon with the words "rockman" in it)
* If people seem to like the skin, I might make a version 2 with the megaman voice and with more   details added in, and so that it doesn't replace the new_reborn skin.

- Right uhmm... MegaMan is owned by Capcom, and the New Reborn is owned by LucasArts..  Yadda   Yadda Yadda...  I just took the new reborn skin and painted it so it looked like MegaMan.exe.    Ah well, as long as they don't drag me into court!  :D

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