Rght, so I guess the best way to describe this file is to call it a "promotional care package."

I was hesitant on publishing this...


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Rght, so I guess the best way to describe this file is to call it a "promotional care package."

I was hesitant on publishing this content, as it hardly relates to JA in any manner. The only saving face here was the JA video here. The rest of package contains free images and songs for your enjoyment. The video is one of those semantics heavy clips, full of really curly writing and Final fact, a lot of the pack is pretty much Final Fantasy 7-8 based(8 only because one of the songs was from FF8.)

All in all, if you're into Final Fantasy or thinking, this may be for you. Otherwise, It might make you go "heh O_o?" and then waddle away into a dumpster to fish out that raw chicken you were saving for the sacrifice but then someone threw it out and pissed me off because I had to go buy a new one..

- Averus Retruthan

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Download '' (30.52MB)

NME Promo Video, Free Music & Free FF7 workshop items

Author: Tseng VII
Size: 10 MB
Date Created: August 5, 2008
*Broli's Advent Children Cloud
*MUG's FFAC Buster Sword
*Lucas Arts and BioWare's "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic", specifically Jeremy Soulle for scoring "Bastila Shan"
*Tseng VII for making graphics and recording/editing video
*Reuben Kee for his beautiful piano remix solos
*bLiNd, Fishy, pixietricks, Sixto Sounds, Steffan Andrews, Suzumebachi, and tefnek for a great One-Winged Angel remix
*Square-Enix for just about everything else

Just open with Windows Media Player or any media player you have that can play .wmv&apos;s
Just open them with any picture-viewing program, i.e. Microsoft Paint. These are free Final Fantasy VII-based
pictures from my workshop at  They have been stripped of titles so you can put your 
own name on them if you so please. I don&apos;t care if you give me credit or not.
Just open them with any music program, i.e. Windows Media Player and enjoy!

NOTE: All have permission to use the video for its intended purpose, 
but if you want to do anything with the file itself, please ask me first:

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