Mercenary Battle V2



Thousands and thousands of years ago, there was a awesome, yet overlooked map crafted by Nozyspy known as Mercenary Battle. This map was actually not too bad for an RP scene, albeit its primary focus was for the small enclave of gun users in JA. Now, four years later, the map returns in a v2, sporting all the glory from the first map, and more =_=.

This map continues its predecessor's path by featuring the map's setting in a desert canyon. Near the center is a small gunning outpost, adorned with an alarm...for when you feel like being annoying. TO THE EAST(saying facing the outpost as a Northern reference,) is a ship. Behold, as it is wrecked, a feature that was consistent with its predecessor. This time, however, it seems more believable as a wrecked vehicle, let alone a recently wrecked one, as the electricity still seems to spark and hurt children. I guess my only complaint here is that there is not actual feature that looks like a command bridge, but I digress on this subject.

Dotted throughout the map are a couple of small sniper nests, and a lot of ambient environmental features, some of which contain the general secret of darkness. The rocks are the key, as a dark secret lurks beneath the surface of this silent canyon =_=.

Architecturally and texturally speaking, you can't go wrong. It's divine, no questions asked. Everything felt natural, and there were hardly any out of place geometric figures or what have you to make it feel unearthly. From above the map, the canyon itself felt a bit rectangular, but honestly, it didn't matter too much. The canyon was very natural looking, and showed no unnatural form. Even the rubble in that place that I won't mention looked very realistic, as opposed to a clump of garbage that was just placed there to make it seem like a collapsed tunnel. I think the only concern I had was with the lighting in that mysterious region, as I'm not sure if the torches provided there would light it up that much. Maybe it could, but it just didn't feel too right .-.

Another thing I did notice was that FPS was alarmingly low in the main wastes. Looking left or right from the northern outpost would warrant a huge FPS drop, where I would be getting like 20-30 FPS as opposed to the usual 80-90 I get.

Besides that problem mentioned above, this is actually quite the solid map. It has combat potential, bot routes, and a little(just a little) RP spice in there as well. A decent balance, to say the least.

BANDWIDTH called, and he said you should go drop him off at Filefront and pick up this map.

New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Aye Bot Support: Aye

- Averus Retruthan



JEDI KNIGHT: Jedi Academy 

Mercenary Battle v2

Title: Mercenary Battle v2
Author: Nozyspy
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: www.nozyspycreations.com

Date Released: 10/7/08


New Textures: Yes

New Music: No

New Models: Yes

Bot Routing: Yes

Installation: Put the merc_battlev2.pk3 into your /gamedata/base/ directory.


Please note that this is a very large open map, and as such you may experience some performance issues if 
you have a slower computer. I tried to make the FPS as good as possible, but if your graphics are slowing 
down too much, then try lowering some of the detail settings in your JKA graphics options menu and see if 
it improves things for you.


This map is set on Tatooine, in a small canyon area. This is an area where countless battles have been fought, 
often between various mercenary groups vying for supremacy.  The area has been used many times as a military 
base and smugglers outpost, due to the defensiveness of the location. With sheer cliffs rising on all sides 
the only way in is by air. 

Many mercenary bands have fought over this area, hoping to make it their base of operations and the area is 
littered with evidence of their battles. The most recent of which is a large rival mercenary freighter that 
crashed here when it was attacked by the bases current mercenary inhabitants, hoping to capture its cargo.

However, that may not be the most precious thing in this canyon. There have been persistent rumours over 
centuries that ancient secrets lie buried under the sands. Tales of strange obelisks and hidden tunnels seem 
to suggest that there may be something much more valuable, and important buried in this sandy wasteland…


Finally! About 4 years after I first released the original Mercenary Battle; 
(http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Mercenary_Battle;31811) I have finally been able to make a v2 of it. 

I have tried many times to make a v2 of Mercenary Battle, but each time I wasn’t very happy with the results, 
and so abandoned the project. Just recently though, after a long break from mapping, I have had a huge bout 
of mapping fever! I decided to give Mercenary Battle v2 another go, and finally, this time, I was happy with 
the results. Thus the map has progressed quickly! Unfortunately though, the slight delay in getting this map 
released was down to all the beta testing necessary. It really does take a looonggg time to properly beta 
test a map and fix anything that needs fixing!

The map has been pretty thoroughly playtested and combed for any bugs though, so hopefully you wont find any 
bugs, or anything that needs fixing…hopefully!

There are two Knights of the Old Republic themed secrets in this map, one of which is very large and when 
discovered should provide some interesting changes to the gameplay, especially if you are playing the map 
in CTF. The best part of the main secret area is something which fans of KotOR will enjoy I am sure. Even if 
you’re not a fan of KotOR, I still think you will enjoy digging up the ancient secrets buried in this map. ;)

Unfortunately, unlike the last version of this map, there isn’t any secret swoop race track or spectators bar. 
Sorry about that guys, but the map is already quite big, and I didn’t feel that those things suited the more 
serious theme of this map this time around.


- Well, Lucasarts/Raven of course for making the game, and the base textures which i heavily modified 
  to use in this map.

- My beta testers; DarthWhoCares, seancsnm, MaceCrusherMadunusus, ov_nab622, hyddenmyth,
  Maverick050598, Szico VII, ObiWanKenody, Kessno and SMoKE.

- Special thanks to Mace for his help on many things, especially shaders.

- The JKFiles and JKA Community for their interest and support.

- Whoever it was who made GTK Radiant! Without which, we wouldn’t be able to make maps at all.

- Paintshop Pro 9 which I used to make/modify the textures.

- John Williams who composed the music for Star Wars of course.

- The maker of the Star Wars font I use in my levelshots, whoever they are!

- And of course...George Lucas for creating Star Wars!

- Oh, and anyone else that deserves to be in the credits but who's name's I cant remember!

Well I hope you enjoy the map!

Have Fun! :D


Obligatory disclaimer / copyright thingy: 

Please do not edit, re-release, or use any elements from this map without asking me first, thanks! :)


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