Mercenary Battle v2 - Official Trailer

* Kouen plants booby-traps on Nozy's desk.

you didn't see that.

Ahem, now that my ears are done being violated by that inf...


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* Kouen plants booby-traps on Nozy's desk.

you didn't see that.

Ahem, now that my ears are done being violated by that infernal.... noise, I can talk about about a subject not in any way related to the video file for like, three minutes, then you can all nod your heads and go to the download link. Seriously. Not much to review, when it's basically a bunch of teaser imagery.

The term 'teaser' is probably wrong for this purpose, actually, since not much teasing is done. Nozy gives quite a bit of a guided tour around his upcoming Mercenary Battle v2 map, so you'll get plenty of insight into the map itself rather than being left with a little taster to drool over. That terrain usage, one thing I'll probably never understand.... But still, there's quite enough in here to give you more than a bit of anticipation, and it's an amusing enough way to waste one minute and twenty-two seconds. Although, when you think of the other things you could've done in that time.... listened to music, did a little PHP code.... made coffee!

Ahem. Well. If you want to see some of Nozy's upcoming project, download away.

~ Kouen

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JEDI KNIGHT: Jedi Academy 

Mercenary Battle v2 Official Trailer

Title: Mercenary Battle v2 Official Trailer
Author: Nozyspy
Date Released: 14/6/08

Type: Official Trailer

Instructions: The file should play in most media players, like Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc.


Remember, maps are my speciality, trailers aren't. :P So don't expect this to be in Uber HD or anything, it is 
just a simple trailer to give you guys a taster of the map to come!

I hope you like it, the map itself will be coming very soon... even though i am notorious for being late with
everything, the map really is like 99% finished now, it just needs some Beta testing and a few tweaks here and
there, and voila! It will be ready for release. :)

At the moment, i will say that the map should be released well before the end of June, so not long to wait 
at all!

In the meantime check out some of the production pictures at my site:

Also, watch out for a couple of teaser shots during the trailer of the BIG secret in the map!

Some Features of the Finished Map:

 - Large open desert like area, with plenty of rocks, crates wreckage and such to use as cover.

 - CTF support. Both teams have a unique base where their flag is, each with its advantages and disadvantages.
 - New textures made using the base JKA textures, but MUCH improved! 

 - Plenty of Knights of the Old Republic references, namely to the Rakata / Infinite Empire. Rumour has it 
   that a strange 'star-map' (among other things) is buried under the sands...

 - This is a big map, so there's plenty of room for a big FFA/TFFA!

 - Many of the same features from the first version of the map (one of the first maps i made for JKA!).
   Including a wrecked Mercenary ship, with plenty of crates and wreckage and a Fort on top of a hill. 
   (No hidden swoop track this time around i am afraid :( still, the secret in this map will make up for that!)

 - All this and much, much more! ...Oh no, I'm beginning to sound like a salesman here arent I? :P


I've included a few teaser screenshots in the .zip file, for more of them, check out my site.
(Which i will try to keep updated as often as possible)


Well, I filmed and edited it all together.

So besides that credits go to:

 - Raven/Lucasarts of course for the game and music.

 - Whoever it was who made GTK Radiant, since you couldn't make maps without it!

 - Fraps for the filming software.

 - Paintshop Pro 9 which i used to make the stills.

 - And finally Microsoft for Windows Movie Maker v2 (which i used to edit all together).

I hope you all enjoy the trailer! :)


This trailer isn't made or supported by LucasArts, Raven Software or anything like that, so on and so forth...
You all know how the rest goes by now!

Please DO NOT edit, re-release, or use any elements from this trailer without asking me first, thanks! :)

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