Mercenary Dropship

Ah, yet another map that was never meant to be... but apparently it was meant to be in your map! Morbid Angel decided to call it quit...


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File Description

Ah, yet another map that was never meant to be... but apparently it was meant to be in your map! Morbid Angel decided to call it quits on his map, but in the name of fellowship has offered the remnants up as a prefab for you to use in your maps. This prefab contains a mercenary dropship, complete with cockpit, drop area, and... well, that's about the whole ship right there. A couple of emplaced guns fill the very small space between the drop area and the cockpit. All base textures have been used so there should be no worries about compatibility.

In terms of the quality of the prefab, I'm on the edge. Architecturally it's pretty nice -- definitely doesn't have a boxy feel like a lot of prefabs do. The texturing could use some work in a lot of areas, though, and despite being pretty good I still feel the architecture could use a little refinement. For instance I found it very difficult not to accidentally fall out of the drop area. There's very little room to walk through that particular section which kind of makes it hard to play in (and a little unrealistic -- you didn't see a bunch of clone commandos falling out of their dropships because there was only one foot of walking space, didja?!). Not a huge deal, since any interested mappers can modify this themselves if they want to.

All in all a good prefab, either giving a good area to add to your map or a good starting place for you to customize for your own uses. Remember, if you want to use this prefab, just open the .map file in GTK Radiant or import the dropship .map file into your map as a prefab! Just remember that if you're going to import it, you may want to remove the skybox and plants from the dropship .map file.


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
 Pre-made map/model prefab

TITLE: Mercenary Dropship
AUTHOR: Morbid Angel

FILENAME: merc-dropship.pk3 or
FILESIZE: .pk3 is 244KB
	  .map is 132KB

DESCRIPTION: This is a medium-class mercenary dropship, designed for covert swamp raids, deployment of troops, or covering fire :d.  It is supplied with an array of weaponry, health and shields, 2 side-mounted gun turrets, and a main laser cannon array [accessable in the cockpit].  There are two 'lanes' on either side of the dropship for safe deployment of troops, right by the gun table.  Please feel free to use this in any map you want, just mention my name in the readme.  This was originally going to be part of a separate map project but ive decided to scrap that map and give you folks a cool little mercenary dropship to enjoi.

CREDITS: I would like to give credits to my br0h Applepie for all of his help, and everyone who supports me.

INSTALLATION: either extract the merc-dropship.PK3 file into your Gamedata/base directory and run it with /map merc-dropship, or extract the merc-dropship.MAP into your Gamedata/base/maps folder and run it in GTKRadiant.

COMMENTS: This was originally a map of its own but i scrapped that project.  This ship uses no custom textures.


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