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Meh. Well, that's the one word that came to mind when I sat down to write the review of these skins. The Twi'lek is interesting, I guess....


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File Description

Meh. Well, that's the one word that came to mind when I sat down to write the review of these skins. The Twi'lek is interesting, I guess. Red and black seem to be a popular theme for skins. Personally, I'm getting tired of the combination. I do like the necklace. Her eyes are all glowy red and stuff. What surprised me were the sounds. No no, there are no new sounds - the sounds are just all mixed up. You'll see what I mean if you download this skinpack.

The second screenshot is the reskinned Reborn dude. It's actually not a bad skin, even in spite of it being a Reborn. :P The other two skins are far more interesting than the first two. It appears as though a lot more thought went into the design of these guys. Unfortunately, there are no team skins for any of these creatures.

Bot Support: No Team Colors: No New Sounds: No


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<-------------------------MESSIAHS SKIN PACK------------------------>

1. Extracting the .pk3 files To ur Base folder
2. File Info
3. Developer(me) info


 Ok as for the installation is simple, open the Winzip File, and Extract to ur Base folder of Jka, for Example 
{ C:\Program Files\LucasArts\Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy\GameData\base }
Then Launch ur JKA and ur Ready to go, Ull Find 4 Extra Icons Added in ur Profile section where u can select ur Skin
Simply choose one and have fun:)

2. File Info

This is a Skin Pack For JK3/JKA  Multiplayer, it Contains a nr of Skins created by Me , The^BloodY^Messiah, The Messiah.
The Files Containing in here are remodels of regular skins in JKA , 1 Reborn , 2 Imperials and 1 Twilek.

3. Developer Info

Ok as for my info 

Name: Tom Wierper
NickName: The^Bloody^Messiah
Website: acc: TheMessiah
Age: 18
Country: Netherlands

The Rest is none of ur damn busniss:D

Well have fun with these skins i created hope u like em, and hope to see some people use em in one of my servers:)

Btw, All these Skins have a Copyright by ME the bloody Messiah and may not be used in reproductions of ur own skins
plz respect this rule before u download this file.

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