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Placed on our altar today is a 38 second trailer for what appears to be a mod associated with Moviesbattle called B19 FA or something of tha...


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Placed on our altar today is a 38 second trailer for what appears to be a mod associated with Moviesbattle called B19 FA or something of that nature. Honestly, I wouldn't have known if I didn't look in the readme, really.

Why do I say this? Because during the entire 40 seconds, there wasn't really much but goring, slashing, and shooting, with no real hint as to what was going on. The only things that might have set it off were the strange power one of the saberists used, and perhaps the map choices. Another thing I would have recommended alongside making it clear as to what you're advertising would definitely be a closing. I saw a precious Mark 1 fall like a twig, and I was expecting some sorta effect to accompany that, but alas, it was an anti-climatic text ending that STILL didn't advertise the mod very well.

However, the film was brief, eye-capturing, and had a nice set of music to it, so that was probably enough to say: "Hm this mod is indeed cool. Perhaps I will boldly invest in it when the time comes, and Averus will give me a pet devil if I do."

Overall, I would prefer to wait for a more informative trailer, but hell, if you're curious, give a bandwidth submission =_=.

- Averus Retruthan

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE:       Metaguardian's B19 FA Movie Trailer
AUTHOR:  Metaguardian
WEBSITE:  (my CoR clan forums)
          (Moviebattles website)

FILENAME:            Meta's FA trailer.wmv
FILESIZE:               Roughly 4.931 MB
DATE RELEASED:  July 19, 2007

CREDITS**:    I'm going to provide a complete list of credits and actors when the actual FA movie comes out, especially as most of the scenes in the trailer will be in the movie as well.  However, it is necessary to thank a few people for this trailer.  Firstly, thanks to the Mb2 team for taking another evolutionary step in the development of this mod and for the exceptional and revolutionary FA and visual changes in this nineteenth build of the game.  Secondly, thanks to Siege (leader of the Dv8 clan) for giving me contact with Adobe Premiere and some extremely helpful tips in boosting movie graphics and also to Kenji for his assistance very early in the trailer development.  Thirdly, thanks to all the gamers (Immenor, General Shao, Cronus, Infiltrator Boots, CoR's Xim & Dementos & Sith Lord, Dv8 Siege & Gambit & Cheez & Enscar, General No, Darth Mcbober, Fujisawa, Redsand, Bigfoot, Zander, Shadowthesis, Solid Snake, Myth, and I think that's all).  

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS:  Simply download the file, and double click on the zipped package.  Extract the contents to a folder of your choice and enjoy the trailer and read-me.

DESCRIPTION:  This is supposed to be a trailer for my upcoming B19 FA movie being released in late August, however it functions as more of a combination of a mini-FA movie and a trailer showcasing FA gameplay in the Moviebattle modification for Jedi Academy.  

BUGS: None that I know of.

COMMENTS: Well I won't make this too long, but I'd like to share some of my thoughts and feelings on my work.  This is my third movie of any kind, however I feel I have made another evolutionary step in my work, much like how my second movie (Metaguardian's Full Authentic Movie, which covered B18 FA and can be found on jk2files).  I was able to get and use Adobe Premiere, which enabled me to avoid the bugs and annoying rubbish that was Windows Movie Maker.  I captured almost 250 demos so far, of which about 60 are good.  I've used approximately 20 for the trailer, however the actual movie itself will feature longer scenes, more graphic content, and lots of other footage that wasn't shown in the trailer.  The actual process of rendering the demos was very time consuming as my computer is almost five years old (2.14 ghz, 512 ram, 64 mb video card), but I worked really hard on increasing the visual quality compared to my last film.  As for the trailer itself, I wanted to make an explosive sneak-peek of the movie as I love really in-your-face visual films and for a game like Mb2 it deserves a fast action-packed flick.  The music is also the Dark Empire remix from Pirates of the Carribean 3.

I am currently working on the actual FA movie itself, but I am still hoping to receive any good FA demos (of FA battle scenes or of players 'owning' in FA mode) for my movie.  The movie will be released in late August.

If any mappers or other persons are interested in having me create trailers for their maps or work, please contact me and I would be more than willing to do so.  My contact details (xfire is metaguardian1) are listed further above in the read-me.

I hope you all enjoy the trailer.


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