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Are you a MovieBattles fan? If so this video might interest you. It features a lot of footage of film scene recreations using MovieBattles....


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Are you a MovieBattles fan? If so this video might interest you. It features a lot of footage of film scene recreations using MovieBattles. It uses the Full Authentic game-mode to achieve this. While the camera is a bit choppy during certain sections, it certainly is an interesting-looking compilation of scenes, well planned, and well executed. A little high on the size scale for a 2-minute video, but you may find it worth your time to give it a look if you're a MovieBattles fan, or a fan of the epic battles from the six films.


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TITLE :                      Metaguardian's FA Movie
AUTHOR:                 Metaguardian
WEBSITE:         (clan website)

FILENAME:                Full Authentic Movie
FILESIZE:                  17.249 MB (the movie)
DATE RELEASED:      April 30 2007

CREDITS:       I would like to thank the entire Mb2 community for participating in this movie by visiting the FA server, where the movie was filmed.  A special thanks to PloZZt Kh'aar for saving my movie with a few extremely important tips and for his beta testing, and also to Gaunt for his constant advice and beta testing on every step of the movie-making journey.  A speical thankyou to World's Largest Ipod, Colonel Colt AAT, Death Row, Sephiroth, Cyborg, Valcor, and Gaunt who featured in solo or small group scenes in the movie.    Thanks also to Kenji and Siege of the dv[8] clan; and 
Master Chief, Zephyr, Death Row of KoR; Valcor, Bigfoot, and Riddick of DiTV;  Sephiroth, Duh, Jedibob, General Noob, Monk, Tyber Zann, Cyborg, Ojoloco, and Falcon of my clan, CoR; and Immenor, Andrew Past, and aCIDus for beta testing my film along the way.  Thanks are also in order to a fantastic guy called Sith Lord who created the one and only Full Authentic server for Moviebattles and whose server this film was filmed in its entirety. And last but not least, thankyou to the Moviebattles team for creating a mod that has captured the imagination of many Star Wars fans for eons to come.  The programs that were used for this movie include:  Jedi Academy, Moviebattles II mod, Quake Video Maker, Windows Movie Maker, Audacity, and the music was provided by SOCOM II (Ps2 game).  Mb2 maps used included Echo Base (by Lindsey), Arena (by Lindsey), Lost Base (by PloZZt Kh'aar), Jedi Temple (by Tom), Tantive (Moviebattles Team), Massassi (by Gabriel), Hotel (by Tom), Death Star (by Lindsey), Ascension (by Plasma), and CIS Labs (by Knux), 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS:   Download the file from the links provided.  Extract the contents of the zipped folder to a folder of your choice on your computer.  Double click on the Movie or the Read-Me to either watch the movie or read information about it.

BUGS:  Windows Movie Maker keeps creating jumpy transitions between 2 scenes early on in the movie.  I have tried wiping the file clean and starting from scratch, re-connecting them differently, but no matter what I do it keeps doing it.  This bug however should not affect your viewing of this movie whatsoever.

DESCRIPTION:  A two minute Windows Media Player movie illustrating the best that the Full Authentic game mode of the Moviebattles II Mod for Jedi Academy has to offer.  

COMMENTS:   This is my second ever movie for Jedi Academy and it also doubles as my second ever movie of any kind.  The movie was made for the Moviebattles II mod mostly because I felt that after playing it for long it was time for me to give something back into the mod and into the mb2 community.  

This movie was inspired by the sudden surge in popularity of the Full Authentic mode of gameplay for the Mb2 mod sparked by the creation of the first ever 24/7 FA server by a member of my clan, Sith Lord.  Full Authentic mode attempts to make Mb2 star wars movie maps almost identical to the movies in terms of playable classes, characters, and weapons; and the Expanded Universe Maps FA Mode has playable classes, characters, and weapons specially designed to fit in with the storyline.   I noticed that there haven't been any significant movies made using only the Full Authentic mode, so I thought I would change that. I wanted to show that FA is extremely fun because you can get huge battle scenes and fights that mimick the movie, and also despite the classes being more limited, you can still get some fantastic frags and teamwork happening.   Additionally, I also tried to include as many FA maps as possible, although inevitably you tend to find the best action on movie maps like Arena, Tantive, and Jedi Temple.  

For this movie, I had a piece of music in mind that I fondly remember from one of my favourite shooter games (SOCOM II), and I thought it might be a great piece to do a movie too.  I'm still learning a lot about movie-making, but I feel I have travelled in leaps and bounds since my first movie.  My video card and RAM don't really like extreme visuals (they won't even play BF1942 on the lowest setting), so sadly even on a higher graphics, the visuals did suffer a bit.  I did focus on making the film almost an extension of the music, to hightlight the ebbs and flows in the music.  I used Quake Video Maker to render scenes invidually, and then I combined them with Windows Movie Maker (I can't afford Adobe Premiere or Sony Vegas yet, but I hope to get them soon).  I doubt I'll use Windows Movie Maker again because it is extremely limited, likes to cut scenes awkwardly, and overall it becomes rather annoying.

So I hope you all enjoy this movie as much as I enjoyed making it.  With any luck I'll continue making more of my own movies and movies for any groups or clans that are interested.


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