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Metal Gear Solid Pack

Well then, for those of you who enjoy the Metal Gear Solid Series,(I call it Metallic Contraption Well-Contructed, myself) I present the MG...


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File Description

Well then, for those of you who enjoy the Metal Gear Solid Series,(I call it Metallic Contraption Well-Contructed, myself) I present the MGS skin pack.

To start off, let's go over what's actually in this pack:

Gray Fox Cyborg Ninja Meryl Silverburgh Liquid Snake Otacon Psycho Mantis Revolver Ocelot Sniper Wolf Solid Snake (two versions) Raven Vulcan

Very few of those even appeal/ring a bell, to be honest. The skins themselves are very good for the most part. I will point out the quirks I saw on the ones I saw some on ._.

Gray Fox: Given this was a reskin, the model was a rather ill choice. Rather than using ksk_h20's, he chose Darth Kitty's ._. This gives you an ugly red dot that looks mashed in. Other than that, it's fine.

Meryl Silverburgh: nothing important to note

Liquid Snake: Hair looks patchy, but that's model restricted

Otacon: Model-restricted clipping. Headwise, I never realized the guy had glasses until I looked close. I personally woulda modelled some on. They don't show up very well.

Psycho Mantis:lmao, this guy's a goon. The only reason I remember him is from the response video to "OVER NINE-THOUSAND" when he said: "SUPER MARIO SUNSHINE =_,=!" Honestly, this guy's ugly underneath his gas mask. Given that's probably the idea, then I salute you.

Revolver Ocelot: Man, this guy's a pimp. Sad I never played the game. Oh well. Only notable issue would be model-restricted clipping.

Raven Vulcan: An incredibly ugly model to base your skin off of, lad. I cannot stress how ugly it is XD. However, I suppose there wasn't much choice for you in the end, from what I'm guessing.

Overall, while it's not the epitome of Tyrael's work, it is still a pretty good compilation. No real extras other than sounds, but I don't care. Psycho Mantis is a goon XD


P.S. - Apparently Gray Fox's screenshot isn't showing up on its source. I didn't upload the Sniper Wolf screenshot on grounds that it might scorch some virgin retinas, due to its suggestiveness XD

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- Averus Retruthan

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Title			: Metal Gear Solid Pack
Author                  : Tyrael64
E-Mail           	: xisifer@gmail.com
File Names		: zzzzzzzzz_MGS--Cyborg Ninja.pk3; zzzzzzzzz_MGS--Liquid_Snake.pk3; zzzzzzzzz_MGS--Meryl_Silverburgh.pk3; zzzzzzzzz_MGS--Otacon.pk3; zzzzzzzzz_MGS--Psycho_Mantis.pk3; zzzzzzzzz_MGS--Revolver_Ocelot.pk3; zzzzzzzzz_MGS--Sniper_Wolf.pk3; zzzzzzzzz_MGS--Solid_Snake.pk3; zzzzzzzzz_MGS--Solid_Snake_Alt.pk3; zzzzzzzzz_MGS--Vulcan Raven.pk3
File Size		: 28.0MB
Date Released		: April 22nd, 2007
Credits to              : Raven (Jedi Academy), Lucasarts (Star Wars), Konami (Metal Gear Solid and all characters), Ruku (skinning advice), almighty_gir (skinning advice, paintovers and critique), Buffy (early screenshots), Darth Kitty (Solid Snake model, base textures, Grayfox model), Kevin Coyle (Diablo II Barbarian model), Hapslash/Gweth/Kelia (Gwethenea model), Graves (Meryl model, Snakev2 model, some Snakev3 base textures), GrayFox814 (Grayfox model), 1ShotDoctor (sounds), Josh Singh (layout for Vulcan Raven tattoos), Ryojin (JK3Files feedback), Datalord (JK3Files feedback), Jace (jacev2 model)

Description             : 

Well, it's finally out. I've been working on this danged pack for about half a year now, off and on. Snake's face gave me a TON of trouble. 

In any case, this is a comprehensive Metal Gear Solid 1 character pack, of all the major characters from that game: Solid Snake, Meryl Silverburgh, Revolver Ocelot, Vulcan Raven, Cyborg Ninja, Psycho Mantis, Sniper Wolf, Otacon, and Liquid Snake. Snake, Meryl and Ninja all have their "secret game-completion" costumes, too (Tuxedo Snake, Sneaking Suit Meryl, and Red Ninja). Furthermore, a few people on Hapslash's Void noted that they liked it when I plopped my textures onto Graves' Solid Snake v2, so I've included that in the pack as well, to let people sort out which Snake they like best.

The full list of thank-yous is above, but I'd especially like to give a shout out to almighty_gir. Though he was extremely harsh, he did convince me to texture one of my other projects from scratch, which in turn gave me some skills that I could turn around and re-apply to this skinpack.

KNOWN BUGS              : Vulcan Raven's weighting on his biceps is blatantly horrible. Limitations of the model, I'm afraid.

Legal schtuff:


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