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First off, let me say to Namuriss, the author of this pack, sorry for taking so long. Certain things came along and took more time than expe...


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First off, let me say to Namuriss, the author of this pack, sorry for taking so long. Certain things came along and took more time than expected.

Anyway, this pack contains three things: A Samurai(v2) reskin to resemble Cid from FF7, a Dante reskin to resemble Rufus from FF7, and some sounds for Yuffie for Midgar V3.

First things first, Cid. It's got the basic look of Cid from Advent Children down, but It is not that well done. The shirt, shoes, and part of the gloves appear to have been paintbucketed. The ribbon on the arm doesnt line up with itself where the texture wraps around. The pants are of a much higher quality, though I suspect that they are just recolored from the original model, and maybe rearranged. I could not tell enough from the screenshots of the original model's skin. The belt is also not another paintbucket job, but it seems close. It seems as if it was, and it had a texture thrown on it, then some areas lightened. Not bad, but not the best. Another problem this thing has is that the hair texture do not line up. There are also some quite noticable color differences between the neck, ears, nose, and face. Speaking of the face... I hate it. It is stuck in a rather annoying grin that doesnt even line up with the mouth. The cheeks are too pink to really fit the rest of the skin.

Next up, Rufus. A dante reskin, as I already said, and a pretty basic one at that. The hair has been turned blond, and shortened in the front a bit. The clothes have been turned white, with the exception of the vest in front, which remains black. The hands are a solid color mostly, with a dark patch, so it looks like the gloves have been tanned on. Underneath the vest is a bit of new skinning, to make it more like Rufus. Done well enough, but the skin tone doesnt match the neck.

Finally, the Yuffie sounds. I do not have Midgar V3 on this computer right now, and I dont have the time to download it again, so I cant tell if it works or not. I can, however, comment on the sounds in there. They are sounds taken from the Japanese version of Advent Children, directly ripped from the sounds of them. There has been little, if any editing, so there is the background noise, which takes away from it.

So, overall... Not a very high quality pack here, but a good base to start on. I'd love to see another version with a highly improved Cid in it, and maybe some editing of the Yuffie sounds.


Bot Support: Yes Team Support: No Npc Support: Yes New Sounds: Yes

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Download 'midgar_additional_pack.zip' (6.14MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 

Additional Pack
AUTHOR**: Namuriss
FILENAME: Cid_Highwind.pk3
FILESIZE: 10.3MB Total
 This pack contains three mods.
	1. Cid Highwind skin based on Samurai(v2) model by Jimesu_Evil.
	2. Rufus Shinra skin based on Dante model by graves.
	3. Yuffie Kisaragi sounds.

About Cid Hifhwind: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cid_Highwind
About Rufus: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rufus_Shinra

 Put *.pk3 into your base folder.
 zz_yuffie_sound.pk3 adds sound for Yuffie in &quot;Midgar v3 mod&quot;.



npc spawn rufus
npc spawn cid

*Rufus belongs to ENEMY TEAM and Cid does PLAYER TEAM.

Sounds are mainly from the movie &quot;FF7 Advent children&quot;.
Although those sounds are Japanese set, pain-sound and most of others
are global, I think.

BUGS: none as far as I have tested
Basic models:

Samurai(v2) by Jimesu_Evil
Dante by graves

Thank you both.

Original design of the character has made by SQUARE-ENIX.

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