*Removes sunglasses* My first review was one of the darkest maps I've come across, now this being my second review is one of the brightest m...


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*Removes sunglasses* My first review was one of the darkest maps I've come across, now this being my second review is one of the brightest maps I've come across.

Before I begin, I must point out that to get the best out of this map you must enable dynamic glow via the /r_dynamicglow 1 command.

When I first entered the map it instantly reminded me of playing QUB3D on GTA 4, which I loved. The layout is very interesting, I haven't seen a map quite like it. The author didn't state what the purpose of the map was so I assume it's for merc wars judging by the weapon placements and the overall design.

The map contains a "Obnoxiously Massive Red Megadome", a "Celestial City" and "Neo Tunnels".

To get into the Obnoxiously Massive Red Megadome is apparently a secret but I found it pretty quickly, I won't give away what's inside the dome as I'll let you find that out for yourself but you will unlock items that would benefit you greatly in a merc war if you were to figure it out.

As far as I could see there wasn't much in the Celestial City area however I will say that your reward for gaining access to the Red Megadome is in this area ;)

The Neo Tunnels contain a concussion rifle, there really isn't much to the tunnels as they're very short and go in a circular motion so you'll always go to the same place which was a bit of a let down since I was hoping for a maze of some sort.

There are also a couple of teleporters around the map which allow you to get to certain places around the map much quicker and easier, this is also a good way to dodge rockets.

There are quite a few brushes that don't fit together right and the bottom of the sky box doesn't align properly with the rest of the pattern but those are both easily fixable.

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: No Game Types: Duel, FFA and TFFA.

- SiLink

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Download 'mindwarp.zip' (1.04MB)

Game: Jedi Academy

Title: Mindwarp
Version: 1.0

Author: Ataris21
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://josh.cipherblog.net/
Completion date: October 26, 2008

Description: A medium-sized map located inside a grid with lots of glowing parts. It looks a lot like Tron. The one secret of this map lies in the obnoxiously massive red Megadome, which can be found by very curious people. It really has nothing to do with Star Wars. Not for the faint-of-heart video cards.

Version history:


Created the map.

Installation: Copy and paste the pk3 file into the folder named "base" within your Jedi Academy directory.

All rights reserved to Ataris21, do not use anything in this mod without my emailed consent. Thank you for downloading.

All content in this mod was created by Ataris21 and is as such subject to no claims by Raven or LucasArts.

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