(MKBK) Mon Calamari Duel Base



basically an underwater tank with great visuals and a confined space for all your dueling needs. Something that sticks out immediately is that the map uses little but expresses so much, it gives you a kind of tranquil feeling. I especially enjoy the style in which the author created this, in that it's dark and mysterious, but it's also really nice to look at and gives a feeling of isolation and privacy. The only thing I might suggest for a future update is aquatic creatures ;)To sum it up, it's a fine addition to the dueling repertoire and it will always have a place in my base folder.Gametypes: Duel, Power DuelBot Routing: NoNew Textures: YesNew Sounds: NoNew Music: No[qupte]A small Mon Calamari-themed underwater duel map. It was originally part of a larger FFA map (which is currently in development hell), but we decided to chop off a few bits, and release them as duel maps.[/quote]


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