MMF914s Skin Pack Version 1

Okay so I've got a skin pack here and quite frankly.. I don't know what to say about it, most of these recolours seem to follow the lovely...


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Okay so I've got a skin pack here and quite frankly.. I don't know what to say about it, most of these recolors seem to follow the lovely happy tone of black/grey. Now I don't mind too much so long as the skin in question has some likeable qualities. In this skin pack there really aren't any.

Okay so there are 4 skins in this pack, one with SP support. The first and probably best one of the lot is called Shadow Forte. It's a boba reskin which makes most of him black and a few choice area's red. This skin has probably had the most work done to it. Although no new sounds, team colors or bot support are included. Okay next file

'PsycoJawa' is meant to be a retro looking jawa. I'm sorry but I don't see anything retro about a few wavy lines at the bottom of the robe and some eyes that make the jawa appear to be a junkie. Again there is no bot support, sounds or team colors. Just a bog standard jawa with wavy lines.

Ninja and Ninja (SP), it is a JKA reborn skin so it's not as bad as a jk2 reborn right? Although this guy seems he should get a new wardrobe.. Because wearing a fully grey outfit doesn't seem to fit the supposed theme of a Ninja. I didn't test the SP version so you'll have to try that out for yourselves. Okay this one has some bot support as it can be spawned in SP. Although I'm not sure if it really counts.

Now my favourite skin in the pack, it's called assassin trooper and do you know what it is? Go on take a guess... Give up? Okay it's a stormtrooper but wait! It's not just a normal stormtrooper.. Oh no this one has gone through many painstaking hours to give you.. A stormtrooper with a slightly darker shade. Seeing the effort put into this skin made me lose alot of sleep. Still I guess some sort of stormtrooper skin is better than none right? I'd of prefered it if the author had made it look like it did in the little portrait that appears in the top right.

So yeah download if you like this stuff. If not grab a pitchfork and a flaming torch!

-Skins Stats- Team colors: No New sounds: No Bot Support: Yes (spawning in sp)


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*****************************MMF914s Skin Pack Version 1********************************************
(Basic data)
Name: MMF914s Skin Pack Version 1
Author: MegamanFan914
E-mail: Way too many to list.

(Description data)
Description: This adds 4 new skins,and 1 with Single Player support! ^_______^ YAY!

In order,they are:

assassin trooper
Shadow Forte'(pronunced Fort-tay)

(Advanced description data)
The Ninja skin(and its SP usable counter-part)
Both are a reskin of the NEW reborn model.(yeah,so it isnt EXACTLY a "reborn skin" you guys hate so much.
It looks basicly dark gray,with black in most places where a normal color would go.

There is NPC support,and I encourage you to use them! The commands are:

/npc spawn ninja (this is the good ninja,an allie,behaves like a shadowtrooper)

/npc spawn ninja_bad (3 guesses(and the first 2 dont count) if this dude will hurt you =P also behaves like a shadowtrooper)
The "Psycojawa" Also,no NPC support ={ and looks like it "retro-fied"(is that even a word?) the normal jawa cloths/robes.

to use the skin in consol(e) type /model vtrainer (its like that only because this skin was part of a mod which got deleted)

Shadow Forte'

Basicly is a boba_fett reskin.
I forgot alot of things besides his backround,most unfortunatly.
However,he DOES have NPC support! =D

the commands are /npc spawn shadow_forte' and /npc spawn shadow_forte'_evil

Backround: Shadow Forte' was formerly known as Intoo Nahgo,from Nar Kreeta.
He,however,lost much of his real body due to being captured and torchered because of a sick-minded hutt.(0_o)
As a result,he hates everyone,besides the person who hires him,as he gets paid by that person.(client?)
He has a fairly interesting amount of weapons,including melee,a blaster rifle,imperial heavy repeater,among others...
He also has a jetpack and a flamethrower.(and K-RAZY merc armor!)

Assassin trooper

basicly I reskined the stormtrooper to look more,well...stealth.

Its gray,with black. Looks cool with other assassintroopers and ninja.

It also has fairly new sounds(I say fairly because I riped them from jk2)

No NPC support,sorry.

(Installation data)
Just unzip the .zip file,or copy/paste the files into your desktop and throw them in your base folder.

To uninstall....dont bother,but if you must,remove the file(s) from your base folder,plz dont delete them :)

(Authors comment data)

sorry about no team colors or bot support!!! I truely am!!!!!!!!

I personaly love the ninja and shadow forte'.

I used modview to see how these look and they are AWESOME! ...Heh...

(programs used data)

Paintshop Pro 8


NPC Tool Beta


JKA 1.00 (LONG LIVE 1.00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Internet explorer possibly...


(legal information data)

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© 2002 Lucasfilm Ltd. & TM or ® as indicated.
All rights reserved. Used under authorization.
LucasArts and the LucasArts logo are trademarks
of Lucasfilm Ltd.
© Raven Software LTD 2002, Activision

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