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As many of you modders have come to know, picking the right RBG colors for a shader, effect, or anything of that sort is just a major pain in the camelbutt. Out of 256 total colors to choose from, it is simply annoying to have to do the guess and check method with your values. Thankfully, Meush has come out with his own little utility, and it’s pretty easy to use.

What you get is a program that has three rows, one for each RBG color. Move the sliders, and on the right of the rows you get the “outcome” picture. Pretty simple, and easy. To make it so that you know the values, there are two numbers on the left of each row. One is the RBG value for 0-255, and another is the value from 0-1, which the Quake III engine takes (JKA). This itself will make modding a whole lot easier.

Also included is a black and white move and saber background. What’s this mean? Take a look at the saber menu in JKA, and you’ll see a background behind the sabers as they are selected and rotating. This can make blending in screenshots quite a challenge, and it is also just plain unattractive. Whatever program you use, be it Paint or Photoshop, the black or white (whichever you choose) pk3’s will change that background accordingly for use in screenshots. As both a weapon modeler and now a reviewer, this is going to make MY life a whole lot easier, too, and I’m sure it will come in handy for many of you, as well.

Nice work, Meush!




Title:			Jedi Knight modder's kit: color mixer
Author:			MeusH
Relase date:		12th October 2004
Website:		http://www.jedi.delart.pl/projects.htm


This application allows you to pick right color when you are making 
fogshader, skyshader, effects, new species

This application is scanned for viruses with result: No viruses found

I've made this for me, so I could check the colour withour loading graphic 
application or checking the calculator.


How to install?
Unzip "Jedi Knight color mixer.exe" anywhere and double-click it.


How to use?
Use the scrollbar to change the colour and check the result in RGB:
Values from 0-255 or 0-1 (which is used in Jedi Knight games mods)


This application isn't supported by LucasArts, it is made by ME and you have 
no permission to decompile it :P

May the force be with your mods :)


Title:			Modder's menu
Author:			MeusH
Relase date:		5th June 2004
Website:		http://www.jedi.delart.pl/projects.htm


This mod changes background for saber menu and custom species menu in MP.

There are two versions avaible: black and white.

I've made this mod for modders who make saber models or saber blades.
This can be also used by modellers who make new species.
With this mod modders can ged rid of colorful background and make clean screenshots.

Note: Saber blades don't show on the white background.
If you don't know why, read some physics book (LOL)


How to install?
Put "modder_black.pk3" or "modder_white.pk3" in gamedata\base.


How to use?

*If you want to make saber screenshot, open console and type SCREENSHOT.
 Then you will have to cut the console in your graphics program.

*If you need to make screenshot of custom species, prees PrintScrn button from your keyboard.
 Then open some graphic program and paste the screenshot (Ctrl+V)


May the force be with your mods :)

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