Modified Saber Lengths

Ever think to yourself that it is unfair that the default length for the staff sabers is shorter than the default for normal sabers? I perso...


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Ever think to yourself that it is unfair that the default length for the staff sabers is shorter than the default for normal sabers? I personally haven't, but The Crazy Assassin, the author of this mod, has!

This mod will change the length off all staff sabers in the default game to 40. Included are mods that do the same thing for sabers found in the JA+ pack and Revan Dark's Darth Maul staff.

And that is simply that! Give it a download if you want what this mod offers!


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		-VERSION 1.0-

Title:		Modified Saber Lengths

Author:	The Crazy Assassin


E-mail:	thecrazyassassin AT yahoo DOT com <--This is my &quot;public&quot; account. If I start receiving spam, I can simply drop it, since it's not my primary one.
			If you send me a message and I don't respond, it's probably because of spam.

File Size:	~6kb

This mod's purpose is to make the saber lengths for staffs in JKA more realistic. Anyone who has done saber modding should know that the default length for a staff blade is 32, while single sabers get a whopping 40.
This mod will simply make all base staffs have a saber length of 40 as well. That's really all it does. Simple, but it does what's advertised.

Credit to me, me, and, oh yes, me.

I have included support for the Japlus staves and Revan Dark's Darth Mual staff, but there isn't much there.
In the japlus_sabers.pk3, there are only two staffs that qualify for this lengthening process, and with Revan Dark's sabers, there's -only- Darth Mual's staff.
I may take a look at the &quot;sword&quot; staffs within these two areas, but nothing is set.


Place the file called Z_MSL.pk3 in the folder called base, found in the gamedata folder. If you installed to the default directory, your gamedata folder can be found in C:Program FilesLucasArtsStar Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy, but if you did not install to the
	default directory, then you gamedata folder will be found where ever you installed the game to.

To uninstall, simply delete the pk3.

To install support for the Revan Dark hilt, repeat the above process for the file called Z_MSL_RevanDark.

There are two options for Japlus:
1. Install the file called Z_MSL_Japlus_1, which will &quot;modifacate&quot; the 'Deamon' and 'Slider' staffs.

2. Install the file called Z_MSL_Japlus_2, which will &quot;modifacate&quot; the 'Demon' and 'Slider' staves, and also 'fix' a few single hilts: Dragon's Wing V2, Proton, Bones, and the Broken Slider hilts.
Why do they need 'fixing'? It seems slider has made each of these sabers a little longer than normal. Some of these have a length of 44, and some have 45. (The normal being 40, obviously.)

Install ONLY ONE of the Japlus pk3's, and remove the japlus_sabers.pk3.

If you have any mods that alter the following files:

Then this mod may not work, or will override said mods.

=This modifacation was not made, supported, or distributed by LucasArts,=
=Ravensoft, Activision, or any other company involved or not involved in=
=making Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy.				=

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