Well, this is the next version for MogMod, or the new style of Moogle. Is this version there are more single player options, and the male/fe...


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Well, this is the next version for MogMod, or the new style of Moogle. Is this version there are more single player options, and the male/female variants are selected separately. The female version definitely looks more feminine, and both models have been reweighed, although there are still issues with the weighing. So here’s the previous review, since it applies the most.

Now, when I first saw this, I had a glimmer of hope. Then when I tried it, I felt a little dismay. Despite having a Moogle model, it turned out to not be the Moogle I know and love, and have a cuddly toy of. (WHAT? It's Final Fantasy merchandise. It's a collectors item! REALLY!)

So, you all heard about Square-Enix's new cross-platform deal yet? Yeah, instead of going with Disney for Kingdom Hearts III, they've teamed up with Capcom for a new, darker action-adventure title - Moogle May Cry. ;)

What we have here, is a sort of "Gothic" knight in Moogle form, somewhat in the vain of the Devil May Cry series. Both male and female variants, of course, and a strong, beast-like build. But wait - there's more! There are also "jester" versions, as well as "wild" versions, and.... Is that a goddamn lightsaber? Yep, there's a Jedi version too! It gets better. You can do mix'n'match on the species selection screen.

There were some slight issues with clipping and weighting, a lot of them from the front but a few at the back. That can't really be helped, it would seem. I had a few beefs with the armor, mostly just how fuzzy most of the detail was, but then again, it's just perfectionism rearing it's ugly head. Suppose I really need to stop that, after all, pobody's nerfect.

As much as I'd love to pile on the critique, the only things I really can critique are issues the author is completely aware of. So, I'll just suggest a few improvements.

- Armor detail. It could do with being clearer, as it's not really easy to notice without being at mid-max zoom in ModView. A little contrast in the colors would be nice to make it more noticable. - Change the style of Jedi robe to prequel robe style. Prequel robes often clip through the model a lot less, due to them being somewhat shorter. - The wings don't actually look as good as they should. I'm not saying they need removing, but I'm sure a shorter-winged version would have been a nice touch, for those not happy with the long wings. I guess I can settle for surfing them off though.

Although flawed, this is a model pack which has been worked at pretty hard, and it's done as well as the engine will allow it to be done. If you like the looks of it, give it a download.

~ Kouen

I will certainly say that this is an improvement!


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Download '' (4.27MB)

        Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
        TITLE**: MogMod
        AUTHOR**: SithDagger, Ian McConville

	Version 1.1

        FILENAME: Moogle.pk3
        FILESIZE: 2.92 mb

        CREDITS**: Credit for the original model, all the textures, and the great creation of an alternate form of moogle go to Ian Mconiville at

        INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: Unzip into your Jedi Academy Base Directory

	Updates: Fixed Several Weighting bugs, such as the eye's, they now properly close, etc.
Also fixed the male colors to be the proper colors, instead of the non-spotted female colors.

        DESCRIPTION**:This is a further modification of RenV2, what I did was rip apart the .skin files, made more options in the SP creation window, made it read "Moogle Male" and "Moogle Female" in the SP window, re-weighed the whole model, and made the female torso more female.

Ian Mconiville's moogles are based off the ones in final fantasy, but have an altered, and more humaniod shape to them.

        BUGS: There are several problems with the weights on things, such as the pants, etc, I redid it as best as I could.


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