Since this update to the previous version of MogMod is relatively minor, I'll quote passages from previous versions to give a mod overview:...


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Since this update to the previous version of MogMod is relatively minor, I'll quote passages from previous versions to give a mod overview:

What we have here, is a sort of "Gothic" knight in Moogle form, somewhat in the vain of the Devil May Cry series. Both male and female variants, of course, and a strong, beast-like build. But wait - there's more! There are also "jester" versions, as well as "wild" versions, and.... Is that a goddamn lightsaber? Yep, there's a Jedi version too! It gets better. You can do mix'n'match on the species selection screen.

There were some slight issues with clipping and weighting, a lot of them from the front but a few at the back. That can't really be helped, it would seem. I had a few beefs with the armor, mostly just how fuzzy most of the detail was, but then again, it's just perfectionism rearing it's ugly head. Suppose I really need to stop that, after all, pobody's nerfect.

Well, do you remember how the male's chest looked like a deployed airbag before? It doesn't any more! The mesh has been altered the give the male variants a sleeker, more human look. Similarly the female's chest has been deflated and realisticized (What, that's not a real word? Well, it is now!). The models have also been re-weighed to smooth out the issues caused by these changes. Well, the mesh was altered, so they'd have needed re-weighing anyway - but SithDagger is more than justified in saying that the new weighing job is much better than the old one, I looked specifically for the deformation problems the older versions had and didn't see them anywhere.

Updated in this version:

  • Female and male chest areas have been updated for accuracy.
  • New hairstyles have been added.
  • NPC support added.
  • Model has been reweighed for a better in-game experience.
  • Options for no wings in the species selection menu.

Bot Support: No NPC Support: Yes Team Support: Yes Custom Sounds: No


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: MogModV2.2
AUTHOR: SithDagger, Ian McConville

FILENAME: MogMod2.1.pk3
DATE RELEASED: May 17th, 2007

CREDITS: Credits for all the textures, and for all but the new hair models go to Ian Mconville.

INSTALLATION: Extract the PK3 into your Jedi Academy Base Directory, make sure to remove "MogMod.pk3" if you have it.

DESCRIPTION: This is the 2.1 "Mog Mod for Jedi Academy" from myself.
I have changed the female chest to make it look more correct, modified the male chest to be smaller, added a few new hairstyle's, added npc support, and did another weighing job, which looks much better in my opinion. :)
I also added options for no wings in the race creation menu.
The "Mog Mod" was created by Ian McConville as he was dissapointed in the races available for the role playing game known as TESIII: Morrowind, he liked his character dubbed "Ren" so much that he made it for Jedi Academy.
These newer moogles are more of an anthropomorphic moogle then SquareSoft's version, they are not pudgy, and not as cute, but they are fun.
Moogle FAQ:
Machall Mog*Mod FAQ:
Mog Mod For Morrowind V4b2:
Mog Mod V3 (Mad by fans of Ian) for Oblivion:
Hope you enjoy this list of Mog Mod info. :)

BUGS: The weighing isn't perfect, as I still am not the best there is, but its done significantly better.

COMMENTS: Fixed some weight issues with the pants, and tried to fix the robe.

Enjoy, modify at will, giving proper credit, etc. :)


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