Well hello there. I'm Kouen, and I'll be your captain for this flight. Sit back and enjoy the in-flight movie. Remember, in case of emergenc...


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Well hello there. I'm Kouen, and I'll be your captain for this flight. Sit back and enjoy the in-flight movie. Remember, in case of emergencies, strap on your seatbelt, pull the lever over your head, secure the oxygen mask over your face and remain calm. We expect good conditions throughout the flight, and our ETA is two and a half hours.


I know, terribly random, isn't it? Just couldn't think of an appropriate opening. Must have writer's block or something.

Anyway, this is a minor update to MogMod to fix some of the grievances held by the general public. To quote the previous reviews, out of both sheer laziness and relevance:

Well, this is the next version for MogMod, or the new style of Moogle. Is this version there are more single player options, and the male/female variants are selected separately. The female version definitely looks more feminine, and both models have been reweighed, although there are still issues with the weighing. So here’s the previous review, since it applies the most.

Now, when I first saw this, I had a glimmer of hope. Then when I tried it, I felt a little dismay. Despite having a Moogle model, it turned out to not be the Moogle I know and love, and have a cuddly toy of. (WHAT? It's Final Fantasy merchandise. It's a collectors item! REALLY!)

So, you all heard about Square-Enix's new cross-platform deal yet? Yeah, instead of going with Disney for Kingdom Hearts III, they've teamed up with Capcom for a new, darker action-adventure title - Moogle May Cry. ;)

What we have here, is a sort of "Gothic" knight in Moogle form, somewhat in the vain of the Devil May Cry series. Both male and female variants, of course, and a strong, beast-like build. But wait - there's more! There are also "jester" versions, as well as "wild" versions, and.... Is that a goddamn lightsaber? Yep, there's a Jedi version too! It gets better. You can do mix'n'match on the species selection screen.

There were some slight issues with clipping and weighting, a lot of them from the front but a few at the back. That can't really be helped, it would seem. I had a few beefs with the armor, mostly just how fuzzy most of the detail was, but then again, it's just perfectionism rearing it's ugly head. Suppose I really need to stop that, after all, pobody's nerfect.

As much as I'd love to pile on the critique, the only things I really can critique are issues the author is completely aware of. So, I'll just suggest a few improvements.

- Armor detail. It could do with being clearer, as it's not really easy to notice without being at mid-max zoom in ModView. A little contrast in the colors would be nice to make it more noticable. - Change the style of Jedi robe to prequel robe style. Prequel robes often clip through the model a lot less, due to them being somewhat shorter. - The wings don't actually look as good as they should. I'm not saying they need removing, but I'm sure a shorter-winged version would have been a nice touch, for those not happy with the long wings. I guess I can settle for surfing them off though.

Although flawed, this is a model pack which has been worked at pretty hard, and it's done as well as the engine will allow it to be done. If you like the looks of it, give it a download.

~ Kouen

I will certainly say that this is an improvement!


Everything up there still applies. So what's different?

Well, do you remember how the male's chest looked like a deployed airbag before? It doesn't any more! The mesh has been altered the give the male variants a sleeker, more human look. Similarly the female's chest has been deflated and realisticized (What, that's not a real word? Well, it is now!). The models have also been re-weighed to smooth out the issues caused by these changes. Well, the mesh was altered, so they'd have needed re-weighing anyway - but SithDagger is more than justified in saying that the new weighing job is much better than the old one, I looked specifically for the deformation problems the older versions had and didn't see them anywhere.

More variants have been added, mostly hairstyles, but also the option to remove the wings which is a nice touch. There's also several mix'n'matched NPCs included for your enjoyment.

This is a pretty simple update, but it's still a nice improvement over v1.1. I just feel somewhat sad that MogMod ends here, because a whole new race had lots of potential. Meh.

As a side note, do you have any idea how stupid I feel right now? It's taken me all this time since the release of MogMod v1.0 to realise that the jester outfit isn't random at all - Moogles had a Juggler class in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance! D'oh.

Grab this if you like Moogles. Kupo!

~ Kouen

Bot Support: No NPC Support: Yes Team Variants: No Custom Sounds: No

Other Features: Species menu customization.

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Download '' (4.15MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
AUTHOR: SithDagger, Ian McConville

FILENAME: MogMod2.pk3
DATE RELEASED: March 24th, 2007

CREDITS: Credits for all the textures, and for all but the new hair models go to Ian Mconville.

INSTALLATION: Extract the PK3 into your Jedi Academy Base Directory, make sure to remove "MogMod.pk3" if you have it.

DESCRIPTION: This is the second and final "Mog Mod for Jedi Academy" from myself.
I have changed the female chest to make it look more correct, modified the male chest to be smaller, added a few new hairstyle's, added npc support, and did another weighing job, which looks much better in my opinion. :)
I also added options for no wings in the race creation menu.
The "Mog Mod" was created by Ian McConville as he was dissapointed in the races available for the role playing game known as TESIII: Morrowind, he liked his character dubbed "Ren" so much that he made it for Jedi Academy.
These newer moogles are more of an anthropomorphic moogle then SquareSoft's version, they are not pudgy, and not as cute, but they are fun.

BUGS: The weighing isn't perfect, as I still am not the best there is, but its done significantly better than in 1.1

COMMENTS: Enjoy, modify at will, giving proper credit, etc. :)


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