Monastery on Yavin

Time for a new map and I actually found some fun factor in it. It’s the Monastery on Yavin, a structure built on top of a mountain. Yes mona...


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File Description

Time for a new map and I actually found some fun factor in it. It’s the Monastery on Yavin, a structure built on top of a mountain. Yes monasteries tend to be built on mountaintops these days…

Anyways, the map is fairly large, to approach it I will discuss it level by level starting from the top.

The top level of the monastery has several rooms with a bed and several chairs around a glass table, these rooms while simple provide a good place to rest for RPers. Also on this level are two rooms that cannot be open by anything other that force pushing them, so having no force in these rooms equals staying there forever, although there are not that bed either, these two rooms are like the suites in hotels, it has a Jacuzzi, gathering area, and on a mid level in these rooms are beds with closets. Also in this level you’ll find two doors that go out to a terrace that overlooks the entire horizon. The weird thing is I did not see any stairs going through the levels of this map, so you have to jump or grapple your way up there. Now on the first floor you find several dueling rooms that fit all your needs, there’s even an arena with ice on it so dueling on it gets a bit more interesting. The funnest room in this level has to be the room with the NPC buttons as it allows you to spawn as many reborn troops, dark troopers, tavions, aloras and the like as much as you want.

When you walk through the main door you’ll find a bunch of stairs going down to what seems to be a small garden which is one of the best looking areas on this map, it looks so green and all the plants and trees and rocks add to it making you feel like you’re in the forest and did I mention how green it is? >.<

Now some of the next areas are only accessible by discovering the secrets, one of these areas is a hidden cavern that is huge, with several rock formations and platforms with lava here and there. On the top of this room is some sort of mirror, reminded me of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, where you walk through it and takes you back to the library rooms that are also on the first level of the monastery.

There also appears to be a council chamber that must be found too, this one looks great as well.

Overall it’s a big map, it’s not as detailed as many others out there but it’s fun, clans will appreciate its many dueling areas and rooms as they can use it to both resting and just to hang out.

The only downside I could find was it has no bot routes and no music which really brings it down.

So download this monastery if you like it, and if you don’t like it judging by the screenies give it a shot, it’s npc area was addictive. :D


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Readme File:
Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Monastery On Yavin

FILENAME: MonasteryOnYavin.pk3
MAPNAME: ^2Monastery on Yavin
DATE RELEASED: 2007-10-15

Music: No
New Textures: No
Bot Support: No (But the map have 1 NPC room)
Secrets: Yes
Game Type: FFA

Special Thanks to
Hungarian Jedi Academy Portal [MapDesign] ( for many help
and surely to George Lucas and Raven Software

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Place this pk3 in your Base folder.


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