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Behold =_= Monsoontide has resurfaced once again, after what seems like millenia of spectral living.

This time, he has incarnated a work of a comic book location, a rather beastly casino. Seriously, the architecture of this casino is malevolent. I can detect massive RP potential within this particular setting, given all the delicious features there are. To name a few, there are the following:

- A bar/dance club, with a patrolling bounce/bartender (I'm not sure which but I assumed the stereotypical chiss dictated bartendery)

- A rather delicious stage with three alora bots patrolling about on it, ready to kill you should you get too close.

- A target range, although I wish the targets respawned

- The beast arena, with 4 creatures ready to fight for my (and I suppose your) amusement.

and of course, the random assortment of gambling items. Honestly, I had no idea that there was actually anything at stake when I activated these items. Basically, you just "hack" the item, and it gives you a random number of positive or negative points. I didn't figure this out till I was 300 points in debt ⌐_⌐ that's a clear sign for me.

This map, despite it's malevolent and pristine beauty, is not without flaws. A lot of the areas have a bit of low optimization, a flaw MST admits openly. Most notable region I noticed was in the theater sector. Also, I noticed there was a lack of music. Rather uncanny for a veteran author to make that decision, but I will not persecute =_= finally, the stream on the second floor seemed to lack any water qualities, a demonic sin indeed, but it's not like everyone plays in streams at a casino >_>.

Overall, a devilishly fine map that merits bandwidth =_= take a look, gamble your "assets" away, and then cry in a hotel room.

New Textures: Aye New Music: Nay Secrets to plunder: Nay Bot Support: Aye

- Averus Retruthan



Readme File:

Title : Abregado Casino
Author : Monsoontide
E-Mail : [email protected]
Textures: Monsoontide
Holotextures and Holotexture Shaders By Starunner from his "Coruscant Promenade" Duel Map (http://jediknight3.filefront.com/file/Coruscant_Promenade;6086)
Original Comic Design: Oliver Vatine & Fred Blanchard
File Version: 1.0 (March 23, 2008)
File Names: Abregado_Casino_2008.pk3


Abregado-rae was a major manufacturing and trade-oriented planet in the Abregado system in the Core Worlds, sitting at the beginning of the Rimma Trade Route.
It was also the beginning of the Shapani Bypass or the "Bacta Run." It had a reputation as one of the Core Worlds' more rough-and-tumble planets.
It was home to the infamous Abregado-rae Spaceport. The planet had many popular establishments which attracted visitors from all parts of the Galaxy,
including Han Solo and Lando Calrissian on occasions.

This casino is modelled after the one in the Heir To The Empire comic book... although much of the interior save for lthe entrance and lower (red light) gambling area has been added by me.
The map features several distinct areas, such as the main casino, bar & restaurant, dance club, pit fights, theater, hotel, hanger amongst others.
You CAN score extra points during a FFA match by gambling at the pazak tables, sabbac tables & slot machines (press the 'use' key while standing next to one) - but BE WARNED... you are just as likely to loose points as gain them. Playing at the tables in the 'high-roller' area carries greater stakes than in the lower (red-light) casino.
Points can also be scored in the 'shooting gallery'.
ALL elevators are used by pressing the 'use' key - either while standing on one at the bottom of the shaft or while next to the elevator door/switch at the top.
The monsters in the pit will only attack if you attack them! (The Acklay was made ages ago by myself and Keshire)
The map supports FFA and CTF

This map has not been optimized, nor has it been playtested by me against other players (I haven't had net access until just recently).
I simply wanted to get the damn thing out the door, since half the time these things never get released (Still trying to get my Karrede's Lair map done).
It IS a fairly large map and while I've included FFA, TFFA & CTF game modes, it may be more suited to "roleplaying" or making vids.
It runs at very low FPS with 4 bots on my 6/7 year old P4 with 384Mb Ram & GeForce 4Ti card.
Your performance may vary.

Since I'd have loved to have done heaps more on this map but don't really have the time to keep working on it any longer,
I have included the MAP file as part of the zip... you can use this to improve performance, or change the map in any way you see fit,
eg: optimize fps, change the npc's, make changes to areas you don't like/don't need, make the boats move,
put in a city skyline, add the holo-waitresses, reposition the weapon/item/flag placement, add music to the level or to the nightclub (I was going to, but...).
It's up to you what you do with it BUT if you release it publically, you MUST CREDIT ME 'Monsoontide' with the original creation. Thanks.

Bot Support: yes (though it really needs considerably more work). Perhaps someone might be kind enough to release an updated botroute?
New Textures: yes
New Music: no

Game types are FFA, TFFA, CTF

* How to install *

Just put the Abregado_Casino_2008.pk3 in your GameDatabase in your game directory
You also need to place the (included) Acklay_MST_09.pk3 in your GameDatabase in your game directory.


* Copyright / Permissions *


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