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I know a lot of people grow tired of the default shields in multiplayer. So much so that various people over the years have felt the need to...


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I know a lot of people grow tired of the default shields in multiplayer. So much so that various people over the years have felt the need to recolor it to suit their own tastes. This mod is no different.... okay, it's a little different. This particular mod contains a few shields you may not find in others, for what should be obvious demographic reasons. This mod contains four shield options: black, white, pink, and pink with flowers.

Pink with flowers!? Yes, I heard one of you say it! We all have a sense of humor, right? We're all secure men and we can handle flowers, right? Er, well, I don't speak for myself obviously, but you get the idea! While perhaps not a serious mod, I found the flowers shield to be quite amusing, and I probably like pink flowers about as much as you guys. But even I have to admit... there's something funny about seeing flowers after you've stepped on a trip mine.

Keep in mind you can only use one shield at a time, and that the "black" shield is actually equivalent to seeing no shield. Give it a whirl if you need something new!


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: More shields 

FILENAME: (Well, i DO)
FILESIZE: 135 kb 
DATE RELEASED: 21 Dec 2012

CREDITS: Id like to thank all who made this mod possible. Namely me, but there where others. I promise. Yep. They just are...shy. Yes, thats it. Shy modmakers. Little ones. With pointy ears and green clothing that
talk in a high-pitched voice and wear green clothes. 

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Oh, what should you do when youve got a pk3, well dont hug a tree, put it in the magical folder, yes that wonderful beige place in cyberspace, 
called base! *Dum dum dum*

DESCRIPTION: It adds more color options for the shield. None (Yes, thats a color. its called black. Acctusally black isint a color, its the lack of color and-nvm), pink with flowers (SOMEONE REQUESTED IT, OK?)Just plain pink, 
and white. Now you can be racist with your shields! Ok, well bad idea...

BUGS: If you see a bug you should immedantly 1)Run away. 2)Go outside. 3)Scream MERRY CHRISTMAS and 4) Jump in a pit of boilng
bugs bunny plush toys. 

#COMMENTS: Ok, im going to be kinda serious with this. Im sorry i havent submitted anything in a really really long time. Ive had tons of work, with school, 
i had to work on a movie and finish some shorts, and i got BF2 on sunday. I just havent had the time or desire. Im going to t and submit some more mods and stuff. Enjoy your

#On another note, im seriously running out of funny ideas for readmes. If you have any ideas, please EMAIL me. Other reasons to email me include JA video editing, sound design or special effects (Yes, i worked on the midgar v3 trailer;73192)


#Denotes serious item.

**Asterisked items are required in your read-me. Please remove all asterisks if you plan on copying this read-me format. 


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