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We have another set of weapons from SithDagger, and again most of them could use a little work. A more complete read-me would be nice, as we...


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We have another set of weapons from SithDagger, and again most of them could use a little work. A more complete read-me would be nice, as well, considering he wasn't even courteous enough to let us know which guns he replaced or how to use the weapons in single-player.

As I was testing these out, I kept a little notepad of model notes, and here's what I noticed. First of all, the claymore weapon is far too large. It is not in proportion with the player model at all - it's just too thick. Length-wise it might be okay, but right now the hilt is about as wide - or wide - than your model's forearm. The crescent weapon, while one of the nicer looking models in the pack, is bolted in such a way that it doesn't animate realistically. I would have rotated it so it was held more like a bat'leth. I'm not a Star Trek fan, but it's the only weapon I could think of that functions the same way as this one. The katana included is more on the lines of Sephiroth's Masamune sword - it's incredibly long, and almost entirely black. Several swords just had incorrect hand bolting, such as the ebony longsword, the mace, and the two 'lightsabers'. Now why there would be lightsabers in Morrowind I just don't know...

None of the weapons have particularly good skins. Each is more like a filter placed on top of a flat, shapeless texture. There is no shading anywhere, so the models look just that - flat. The skins themselves are also uncomplicated, often consisting of nothing but a color and a few lines of detail, if that. If this were my pack, I'd seriously consider getting a tutor in the realm of skinning, because the best model is just not that great without a good skin, and I think most modellers would agree with me on that point.

None of these weapons have appropriate shaders (apparently they all have a dynamic glow, but not all graphics cards can produce dynamic glow). I would have started with at least a specular shader for most of them, if not a chrome shader on a few. Overall a good start, but the skins really leave these weapons down in the trenches. Keep practicing, though, and ask for advice when you need it.

Usage Information: Name - Spawn Name: Ebony Mace - single_ebmace Chitin Spear - chitinspear Boethiah's Walking Stick - walkingstick Glass Staff - glasstaff Daedric Crescent - daedriccrescent Daedric Axe - daedricaxe Daedric Die Katana - daedricdiekatana Ebony Broadsword - ebonybroadsword Daedric Claymore - daedricclaymore Daedric Dagger - daedricdagger Spear of Bitter Mercy - spearmercy Plasma Staff - SD_Gem3 Green Gemstone - SD_Gem2 SithDagger's Gem - SD_Gem

Gun Replacements E-11 ==> Bow Bowcaster ==> Glass Crossbow Concussion ==> Steel Crossbow


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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Morrowind Weapons
AUTHOR: SithDagger
E-MAIL: [email protected]

FILENAME: MorrowindWeapons.pk3
FILESIZE: 3,226 kb
DATE RELEASED: January 23 2006

CREDITS: Credits for the Ebony Mace model go to Tesla.
Credits for all the rest of the weapons, and all textures and scripts goes to SithDagger

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Extract the pk3 into your Jedi Academy Base Directory

DESCRIPTION: These are weapons based off weapons in the game The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind, all are original, and nothing was taken from the above game, except for idea's, and names of the weapons.
Now you can use weapons from the powerfull Daedric Crescent, to the Spear of Bitter Mercy, I hope you enjoy.

BUGS: The textures are not correct on some of them, because I either got lazy, bored, or was just messing around with them.


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