Mos Eisley Back Streets Teaser Trailer

Here we have a trailer for a (hopefully soon) upcoming map, by our old staffer Nozyspy. Apparently he's created, or is in the process of cre...


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Here we have a trailer for a (hopefully soon) upcoming map, by our old staffer Nozyspy. Apparently he's created, or is in the process of creating, a very snazzy looking Tatooine map! You've had enough of Tatooine maps, you say? Then you are no true Star Wars fan. Tatooine is a staple of any true Star Wars enthusiast, and I say the more good (and different) maps, the better. This trailer, despite being a bit choppy here and there, really gives a good view of the map and its features. While it seems a little bright, something Nozyspy has addressed in his read-me (so read it!), it definitely has that Tatooine feel, and unlike most Tatooine map's, it's set at night. From the trailer, the only major complaint I would have with the map itself is the distorted moons, and the way over the top starry skybox (a night sky does not look like that), which kind of take away from the splendor. Other than that, though, it looks like it will make an excellent addition to anyone's Star Wars map archives. Wait for it with anticipation by downloading this trailer for a sneak peak.


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JEDI KNIGHT: Jedi Academy 

Mos Eisley Back Streets Teaser Trailer

Title: Mos Eisley Back Streets Teaser Trailer
Author: Nozyspy

Date Released: 13/1/07

Type: Teaser Trailer

Instructions: The file should play in most media players, like Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc.


Well this is my first foray into the world of trailer making, this is the first time ive ever done this,
so dont expect it to be uber :P

This was really meant to be just a quick little teaser trailer to get people interested in the map,
so i didnt spend ages making it absolutely perfect! As you can see in the vid it was filmed 
in JKA using Fraps. This is also why the filming is rather jerky, sorry about that, but my system 
slows down quite a bit when both JKA and Fraps are running at the same time.

Some people have complained to me that its all too bright...but the brightness in the video is just what my JKA 
brightness settings are on, obviously when the map comes out you can always adjust the brightness level in 
the game menu to whatever you feel comfortable with :)

Well i hope you like it, the map itself should be coming sometime very soon, as its already had the first beta.
Couldnt really give you an exact date, but if you want to take a look at some screenshots and see the 
latest updates go to the Work In Progress Thread over at Sith J Culls forums:

Some Features of the Finished Map:

 - Several enterable buildings, including houses, a shop, bar, and warehouse.

 - Different environments to do battle in, whether it be street to street, or through the junkyard.

 - New textures made using the base JKA textures, but MUCH improved! Plus a new skybox.

 - A Few Starwars Galaxies references, for example, in the architecture or detailing of the map, 
   such as the shuttleport and three moons. SWG players should recognize these parts of the map. ;)

 - This is a big map, so theres plenty of room for a big FFA/TFFA!

 - Plenty more that i cant think of right now lol...


Ive included a few teaser screenshots in the .zip file, thanks to Szico for taking them for me! 
Since my computer cant do the 'glowy' effect on the lights and his can...bah! :P

Note that the brightness of these screenshots has been enhanced to what i believe is the optimum 
level to play this map, however, of course, once you get the map you can always adjust the brightness
settings in JKA's video options menu to whatever you feel comfortable with!


Well, I filmed and edited it all together, and the stormies and rebs you see in the vid fighting are only bots.

So besides that credits go to:

Raven/Lucasarts of course for the game and music.

Whoever it was who made GTK Radiant, since you couldnt make maps without it!

Fraps for the filming software.

Paintshop Pro 9 which i used to make the stills.

Szico for taking the screenshots included in the .zip.

And finally Microsoft for Windows Movie Maker v2 (which i used to edit all together).

Well, enjoy the trailer i guess! :)


This trailer isnt made or supported by LucasArts, Raven Software or anything like that, 
blah blah, so on and so forth ;)

Please DO NOT edit, re-release, or use any elements from this trailer without asking me first :)

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