Mos Eisley Backstreets (Day and Night) Official Trailer

Anybody remember seeing the last trailer for this pair of maps? I've been loosely following their progress for quite some time and, from th...


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Anybody remember seeing the last trailer for this pair of maps? I've been loosely following their progress for quite some time and, from the looks of this trailer, everything's really coming together in time for a summer release. So here's hoping it is indeed released when promised!

These two maps are a daytime and nighttime version of yet another Tatooine map. But there's no such thing as too much of a good thing... unless you overeat. But, uh... ahem. Tatooine. Yeah. Warm, hot, sandy, full of tuskens, and one of the most memorable Star Wars locales ever created. It's been featured in the majority of the six films, has been the location of numerous battles, meetings, fryings (poor Greedo!), and all around important Star Wars events that made their mark on the galaxy.

This map certainly seems to live up to the Mos Eisley legacy. It reminds me quite strongly of the Star Wars Battlefront style, with all the very typical little houses and buildings, along with some more unique locations (is that Chalmun's Cantina I see??). Definitely looks like it'll be a must have when it's completed! Give the trailer a look to see what's in store!


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Mos Eisley Backstreets (Day and Night) Official Trailer

Title: Mos Eisley Backstreets (Day and Night) Official Trailer
Author: Nozyspy
E-mail: [email protected]
Date Released: 2/8/07

Type: Official Trailer

Instructions: The file should play in most media players, like Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc.


Well this is only my second trailer that ive made, so dont expect it to be brilliant. Though i must say im pretty 
pleased with the way it turned out!

Some people complained to me last time that the vid was too bright. Well that was because my monitor was too dark 
and my JKA brigntness settings too high! But thats all fixed now, so it should display at the correct brigntness.

Well i hope you like it, the map itself should be coming sometime very soon... i know i said that last time, 
but circumstances slowed it down alot more than i had expected. Dont worry though, BOTH Day and Night versions are
pretty much complete now, and will be released this month (August 2007)!

In the meantime check out the pics in the gallery at my site:

Some Features of the Finished Map:

 - Several enterable buildings, including houses, a shop, bar, and warehouse.

 - Different environments to do battle in, whether it be street to street, or through the junkyard.

 - New textures made using the base JKA textures, but MUCH improved! Plus two new skyboxes (Day and Night).

 - A Few Starwars Galaxies references, for example, in the architecture or detailing of the map, 
   such as the shuttleport and three moons. SWG players should recognize these parts of the map. ;)

 - This is a big map, so theres plenty of room for a big FFA/TFFA!

 - Falling Crates (courtesy of Szico, thanks man!) So beware not to stand under then when someone force pushes them!
   (Or maybe thats the idea...mwahahaha!)

 - Plenty more that i cant think of right now lol...


Ive included a couple of teaser screenshots in the .zip file, for more of them, check out my site.


Well, I filmed and edited it all together.

So besides that credits go to:

Raven/Lucasarts of course for the game and music.

Whoever it was who made GTK Radiant, since you couldnt make maps without it!

Fraps for the filming software.

Paintshop Pro 9 which i used to make the stills.

And finally Microsoft for Windows Movie Maker v2 (which i used to edit all together).

Well, enjoy the trailer i guess! :)


This trailer isnt made or supported by LucasArts, Raven Software or anything like that, 
blah blah, so on and so forth...

Please DO NOT edit, re-release, or use any elements from this trailer without asking me first, thanks! :)

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