Mountain Temple

I like this map because it gives the feel of being right there atop the Acropolis. The temple itself may not be in the exact same style as t...


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I like this map because it gives the feel of being right there atop the Acropolis. The temple itself may not be in the exact same style as the Parthenon, but it is certainly Greek in every sense of the word. The temple itself is very reminiscent of the Pantheon, right down to the open dome with the small circle of light playing across the inside of the centralized dome.

Okay, can you tell Greek history and mythology was one of my favorite subjects in school? Enough of Greek history, though. I don't want to bore you all to tears. So let's take a look at the isolated aspects of the map. The map itself is a floating island, so to speak, surrounded by a mountainous skybox which I thought was just beautiful. The texturing here is excellent, as is the placement of little "extras", such as the short broken "walls" placed strategically throughout the map, behind which is a weapon of one kind of another. These make for good places to pick up a gun and snipe off your opponents, while crouching behind the fallen bricks to avoid an early demise.

On one side of the map is a pair of bridges which lead to an underground walkway and stairwell. I found it to be especially good because, while the stairwell itself was bland (it's underground, though, so bland and undecorated is to be expected) the lighting actually came from a source, and was well-done. The lighting, however, brings in a decidedly non-Greek element to this map, as most of the lighting in this map seems to come from crystals which are either mounted on the wall, or in case of the temple itself mounted onto statues.

So on to the temple itself. The design is simple on the inside. It consists of a central chamber with several statues in the "corners" - there are no corners because it is a round chamber, however the placement of the statues, as well as some of the surrounding pillars, gives the illusion of corners, which I find incredibly interesting. The "lights" in the temple give it a blue glow, giving it an aura of mystery, somewhat like that which surrounds the Greek pagan mythology. The arches around the central chamber give it a feel of genuine architecture, though I should note that such arches are not a feature of Greek architecture, but are a feature of Roman architecture.

Anyway, I feel like I've written an essay for my old humanities course, so I'm going to stop here and let you experience the map for yourself. If you enjoy a well-made map, or like I am a Greek or Roman fan, definitely check it out. Everything from the texturing to the music will really give you a feel for the style the map was created in.

New Textures: Yes New Models: Yes New Music: Yes Bot Support: Yes


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Title                       :Mountain Temple
Author                      :TK409er
E-Mail                      :[email protected]
Site                        : (this is really old)

This map was made for the Map-Review "theme fusion" contest. Though I released the map 2 weeks late due to illness.

Description: A Greek/Roman style temple in the mountains. You will find some breakable things in this map (check the bridges and the spherical pillars) and there is one very nice sniping spot. Hope you have fun.

I did not have time to finish off this map, so it has a floaty feel if you go to the edges. I may have time to fix this in the future with a version 2.

map information:

brush count: 3273
entity count: 357
lights: 4 (+ 1 sun)

compile time: ~50 minutes

new textures: yes
new sound: yes
game modes: ffa tffa
bot support: yes

average fps: 70

tree model: grimreaper
other models: raven
mapping: tk409er
texturing: raven and tk409er

* Copyright / Permissions * 

If you would like to re-distribute this map give me an e-mail first...  or else.

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