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Okay, just about everyone here agrees that Sith-J-Cull is a great mapper. He's also innovative. It's nice to see that people are still com...


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Okay, just about everyone here agrees that Sith-J-Cull is a great mapper. He's also innovative. It's nice to see that people are still coming up with original ideas. This is a map that serves as an FFA map and it's actually pretty decent just like that. I don't like the way the weapons were done here and I feel it should be used as a saber only map, but that's just me. But the heart of this map is downstairs. It's a theater. It has couches and a huge movie theater screen with the curtains and everything. Press the button on the right and the curtains part. Press the button on the left and you can watch the Episode III trailer. Keep an eye out for this map to be updated by James in the near future - for this will be where you'll be able to see the teasers for his next maps. :D Brilliant idea, pretty map set in Coruscant and it's just ... great, James.

Bot Support: No New Textures: Yes New Music: Yes Game Types: FFA


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Author:		S-J-Cull (James Culley)

File type:		FFA duel MAP JKA

Version:		01

New music:		Yes
New textures:		Yes
New shaders:		Yes

Included		Star Wars Episode III teaser trailer 2 (lucasfilm)

Credits:                DarthZappa for his help with the func_useable!! lol



This BETA map is a small ffa duel map set on coruscant with a dueling room, sleeping area and a cinema on the lower level playing the new Star Wars Episode III movie trailer.

I intend to use this map in the future by updating the movie file with my map teasers, so grab a copy of this and look out for updates in the future so you can view them in your very own cinema - LOL you will have to excuse the map I only nocked it up since Zappa posted the teaser - oh yeah and expect some video/audio sync problems on certain setups 

**This is BETA so its the start of a Huge movie academy map with loads of places included - so look out for future versions.



I hope you enjoy the map, as much as I enjoyed making it!

James Culley (Sith-J-Cull)

place the pk3 into your base folder.

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