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Well, here we have a mod that CHANGES TIME ITSELFwithin the SP storyline. This mod is very flawed not so much in concept or design...


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Well, here we have a mod that CHANGES TIME ITSELFwithin the SP storyline. This mod is very flawed not so much in concept or design (partially but in some cases it is.) as it is in creativity or effort. The author basically attempted to adjust all the stats in the base .npc and .veh files along with a couple of mods he coupled with it, (giving credits to their authors.) and made the action more "realistic."

First off, what kind of moving picture set are you talking about? You included bloody dismemberment, and I don't recall any drop of blood ever portrayed in the Star Wars movies and/or games you mention. The blood vessels get seared shut, if I'm not mistaken, although I do wish blood and gore would be displayed on the big screen. (I made an entire remake of the trilogy with blood and gore once.) Now then, onto technical aspects. The stats are good, but the installation may be way over some folk's heads. The author expects you to basically know how to use winrar (since he submitted a rar) on a slightly higher level...bad assumption. In English, he just put the ext_data folder in the rar and caled it a day. It made the .rar very messy, and almost confusing. (Definitely for those who don't mess around in pk3s) Overall, this is for the bored souls out there who play SP and want a change. The bloody dismemberment mod can work in MP, and everything else is made basically for SP.

With that said, I shall go forth and raise an undead army and march to Bangladesh.

- Averus Retruthan

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Download 'movie_realism_sp_mod.rar' (302KB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE: Moive Realism SP Mod 
AUTHOR: Scott Smiley  

FILENAME: Movie Realism SP Mod.RAR 
FILESIZE: 302 kb 
DATE RELEASED: September, 19, 2006

CREDITS: "Dark_Maul" (Darth Caliph in the forums) for "Bloody Dismemberment", "SuperQ" for "SaberSelection" ,and "David J Murphy for
"JACusomiser 0.8"  

>> Well here it is, Smiley's Realism Mod for Jedi Knight Jedi Academy!  As you may have guessed this is an attempt to 
make the game more like the movies and other games.  To that end all NPCS health has been lowered to try and recreate what
damage the weapons would do in real life.  Most times a single lightsaber hit is enough to kill a foe, and enemies like Stormtroopers
are smarter and aim much better!! Finally.  Now the only problem with this is that i could not find a way to change the players health so
the only way to make it as realistic as possible is to play on Jedi Master.  One or two good saber hits is all it takes to put you down so
look out! I have inclued in this mod "Bloody Dismemberment!" by Dark_Maul  (Darth Caliph in the forums) and "SaberSelection" by 
SuperQ to make the mod better so i hope you guys don't mind if your reading this.  So, that being said, have fun playing SP 
again with a whole new game.  The saber damage was modded with JACustomiser 0.8 by David J Murphy so thanks to him for a great
tool for modding!  Also, i have made it so that the bodies will not fade with time so keep that in mind if you have a very slow PC, works just fine 
on my P4 2.66 though.     

> Install: Unzip the files to your Jedi Knight Jedi Academy/ GameData/ base folder.  YOu will need to unzip your assets1.pk3 file into
your base folder if you have not already done so.  That way the ext_data folder from the my mod can interact with you game.  Remember to put
the assets1.pk3 file in a backup folder so that you can go back to the normal game if you wish.  Overwrite the normal ext_data folder 
with the modded one when unzipping the mod to the base folder.  I use WINRAR incase anyone is wondering. 

> Feel free to mod the files in the ext_data folder, and reuse them if you want. Just put my name on the readme, and keep in mind that 
the other files where modded by others to put them in too.  

 > Scott Smiley <
 > < 

E-mail me for questions, comments, or ideas.  Also, if anyone figured out how to mod the single player health for the player
could they e-mail me, i'd like to work that into this mod.  Lock and Load.

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