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My review of the first version of this mod:

Here's an impressive mod made for Jedi Academy that features stances that you may...


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My review of the first version of this mod:

Here's an impressive mod made for Jedi Academy that features stances that you may recognize from the movies. The stances aren't all that weird. In fact, they seem fairly hmmm ... what's the word I'm looking for ... intuitive. To really gain an appreciation for this mod, you need to download it and play it yourself.

More than just stances have been changed. There's a list of all the changes in the readme. Check it out. I'm thinking you won't be disappointed.

The stances have been changed to include a stance from Episode III and a melee stance has been included as well. You'll find that some force stances have been changed also to make them more accurate to the movie. I'm still quite impressed with this mod. And there are probably several of you out there who are such pure Star Wars fans that you'd prefer the saber stances here versus the ones in Jedi Academy.


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Download '' (2.57MB)

][ Movie Stances 2.0 ][

 ][ Features ][

Blue: (Form III or Form VI) : One-handed stance used by Obi-Wan in the leaked Episode3 footage.

Yellow: (Form 1 or Form IV) : Single blade stance used by Darth Maul in Episode1.

Red: (Form II or Form V) : My favorite stance, the aggressive stance used by Anakin and Dooku in Episode2.

Blue Stance Lunge: Is now a lunging stab.

Blue stance has been merged with the Tavion stance to provide more elegant motions and to fit with the one-handed theme. (This will function transparently with the default Blue Stance moves. Default Blue Stance was in turn translated to the Tavion Stance entries for those who access it via cvar or code).

New Dual Kata (which now fully supports Multiplayer).

New Blue Kata to support the one handed theme.

All Stances have been spiced up with a few more saber flips in the circular transitions to break the somewhat boring monotony of the default combos.

Episode 2 Saber Sounds (in a seperate pk3 to make this feature optional).

Episode 3 Sabers (sold white core, rounded tip, sharper fanning, brighter near the blade emitter).

New Force Pull and Force Lightning animations. 

New Red Stance gloat taunt.

New Pistol Stance.

New Melee Stance.

 ][ Installation ][

To install just put the .pk3 file(s) in your base folder.

This mod is 'passive' meaning that you can use it on non-pure servers that don't have it, and still see the new stances. In the previous version, some of the animations would not match up with the actual location of the saber under the default entries. Version 2.0 has been corrected so that any new animations cover the same physical area as the default animations. This will allow full multiplayer playability as a standalone or with any mod, except those that alter animation.cfg. 

 ][ Information ][

Since the birth of the Order of the Jedi, and the discovery of the Force, its wielders have used Lightsabers in battle. They are symbols of the Jedi, they strike fear into the hearts and souls of the many enemies the Jedi face, and instil pride in all those who wield them.
Through generations of using and wielding these arcane but elegant weapons, the Jedi have developed seven different styles of lightsaber combat, called the seven forms.

Form I - Way of the Sarlacc
The first form created millennia before the Clone Wars, it covers all the basics such as velocities, attack and parry zones etc. Used mainly in training today for novices with the lightsaber.

Form II - Way of the Ysalamiri
The best form for lightsaber vs. Lightsaber combat. This form maximises precision with the blade, minimising movements so as not to exhaust the dueller, forcing the opposition to do all the work. Today it is considered an arcane Form, due to its inability to reflect blaster bolts or other projectiles and the fact that most Jedi enemies don't wield lightsabers themselves. However, for the Dark Side wielders, it would be the perfect form for those who with to crush the light Jedi through the elegant duel. Darth Tyrannus was a master of this arcane form.

Form III - Way of the Mynock
This form was developed to counter-act the increasing use of Blasters in the universe. It is mainly used as a defensive style, in that the user is trained to reflect blaster bolts, it being a relatively open form. It is also a mirror to light side Jedi's philosophy, it being more in attack than defense. True masters of the Form III form are considered by some almost invincible. After the death of his master, Obi-Wan Kenobi adopted form III as his chosen sabre style, believing that his master's demise was due to the inadequate defense of form IV lightsaber combat. 

Form IV - Way of the Hawk-Bat
Form IV is by far the most acrobatic form of the 7, relying instead of the strength of the user but rather the agility of the user. Masters of form IV use the force to augment not only their strength, but all aspects of their bodies so that they can pull off otherwise impossible feats. During combat between two Jedi, the user of form IV will be a blur around the opponent, dancing around in a deadly ballet. The revered light Jedi master Yoda was a user of Form IV, as was Qui-Gon Jin and Obi-wan in his early days. 

Form V - Way of the Krayt Dragon
Form five is a stronger, more aggressive form to that of Form III. Instead of merely reflecting the bolts away. This form teaches the user to reflect the bolts back and the point of fire, so that the bolts may be used against the enemy. Its main philosophy is keeping the peace through superior firepower, and is one of the most aggressive forms there is. Prefect for a Dark Jedi, and the most well known and taught among the Ranks of the Sith, Obelisk, and Krath. 

Form VI - Way of the Rancor
Considered the "diplomat's form". It is not as demanding than the other forms, and is more suited to allowing the user to allow training in other areas of the force, such as power usage, rather than intensive lightsaber training. A modern form, newly developed just prior the clone wars, it was fast becoming popular among the Jedi before they were all but wiped out. 

Form VII - Way of the Vornskr
The most difficult and demanding of all the forms, only true masters the force who have perfected self control and self discipline can wield this form. However, once mastered, this form can lead to fantastic power and skill. Form VII uses bold, certain, definite moves more open than form V, but not as complex or elaborate as form IV. In addition to the force assisted jumps and movements, form VII relies on confusing the enemy with confusing the opposition with seemingly unconnected movements, making form VII highly unpredictable in battle. The perception the user of Form VII usually gives off is one of calmness and serenity, verging on explosion just beneath the surface, a simmering well of emotions and energy is needed to use this, such is the demanding nature of it. This form cuts very closely to the Dark Side in its philosophies and representations, and therefore must be wielded with care. Mace Windu was a master of form VII, and was helping develop it as it is not yet perfected by anyone. Nicknamed "Vapaad".
Damage or Destroy Weapon (sun djem)
A goal of early Form I masters, sun djem ensured an opponent posed no further threat without harming them. However, with the advent of Form II, Jedi found it increasingly difficult to use sun djem, as emphasis was placed upon preserving one's weapon in a Form II duel.

  Wound (shiim)
Any kind of wound with the edge of a lightsaber blade. Considered an inconclusive and inferior mark of contact against other marks that decisively end a battle, shiim expressed a struggle with a powerful opponent, or perhaps just torture by a confident dark sider.

  Stab (shiak)
An honourable method of inflicting serious injury, according to the Jedi, shiak caused the least visible injury to an opponent. It thus showed the Jedi had respect for their opponent, even though the blow was usually fatal.

  Cut Off Weapon Hand (cho mai)
Rather than use sun djem, some Jedi preferred to make sure an opponent couldn't use any weapon against them. The precision of cho mai in a fight showed the skill of the Jedi inflicting the wound.

  Cut off Weapon Arm (cho sun)
A move which lacked the precision of cho mai, cho sun was nevertheless an effective way to disarm an opponent...literally. Cho sun was often used under surprise combat conditions.

  Otherwise Maim (cho mok)
The cutting off of an opponent's leg or other limb or appendage with non-humans - such as a Twi'lek's lekku. Cho mok was rarely used by Jedi, as it did nothing but cause pain to an opponent, unlike sun djem or cho mai, which rendered an opponent defenceless without too much pain.

  Behead (sai cha)
Sai cha, from the ancient words for 'seperate' and 'head' described the chilling ability to behead an opponent with a lightsaber. Jedi committed sai cha only when engaged in a deadly battle against an enemy considered dangerous even to a Jedi.

  Cut Body in Half (sai tok)
Jedi consdered sai tok a form of butchery, and a Sith-like desire to destroy one's enemy. Usually the only time a Jedi used sai tok was against non-living opponents, or if in a dark side enduced rage. Sai tok was thus dangerous for a Jedi, as it could easily lead them down the dark path.

Using these forms in Jedi Academy is left to interpretation. Treat the above info as guidelines.

 ][ Disclaimer ][

This mod was made with Raven's own source and the SDK. All content is the property of their respective owners.

-Avadann Kedeth

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