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Screenshots really won't show you what this script will do. You're going to have to download it and play around with it yourself to see th...


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Screenshots really won't show you what this script will do. You're going to have to download it and play around with it yourself to see the effect. The best way to describe it for those who are familiar with the cheat "thereisnospoon" in SP. Those who haven't tried that out ... well, why haven't you? Anyway, it just like, slows everything down. For this script for multiplayer, the author simply changed the camera angles all at once in one bind but it doesn't slow down. Just download it and try it yourself. You'll see what I mean. :)


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Multiplayer "Thereisnospoon" Cfg.
By Konra Obbri (Hegemonial, FA)
   and Darth Bane

**NOTE: To use without reading
instructions, place the .cfg in
a base or mod folder, go ingame,
type /devmap mp/ffa1, type
/bind [key] exec bigbind.cfg,
and hit the key to use.


Admit it, you all know the SP
cheat &quot;Thereisnospoon.&quot; Who on
Earth wouldn't bind it had they been
given the chance? Well, the most
dissapointing thing in my opinion,
is that Raven didn't include this
slow motion effect in multiplayer.

Well, browsing at Lucas Forums,
I found in the cheat topic a
command that redirected the camera
in different angles around your
player. So, I figired, why the
hell not just do every angle in one
big bind? Good question.

Well, I began to work on this, and
soon my clan member joined in. We
made an effect simaler to the single
player one. Basically, when you
exec this .cfg on a cheat server,
the camera starts to do the effect
on you. However, time won't slow

Another small issue is that if you
hit this, it won't let you do any
other attack commands while it
does its job. So save it for the
end of duels, or frags, or for right
after you do a special attack (jump
attack, kata, etc).


Copy this .cfg into your Base, or
Reloaded, or whatever mods, folder.

Have a bind ready for &quot;exec bigbind2.cfg&quot;
You should also have one prepared for
a &quot;exec jamp.cfg.&quot; As soon as this
starts playing, hit the jamp bind,
and the effect will stop after one

Sorry that it only works in cheat
servers. Maybe there is a way to
turn the cvar or whatever off.


Bane- You helped a whole lot
Rikutian- You beta tested for the hell of it
Me- I had to redo the values four times

Legal Info|

This cfg may not be used without my
or Bane's permission. We will be glad
to let you use it, but we would also
like some credit.

We are not responsible for any damage
caused to your game by this mod. It
won't happen.

We are in no way affiliated with LA,
Ravensoft, or any of there affiliates.
In other words, if you do something
stupid with this, it isn't anyone's

Copyright 2004, Hegemonial & Darth Bane

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