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OK, before I say another word, I'd just like to add that this mod is not finished, and therefore it is not recommended for onl...


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OK, before I say another word, I'd just like to add that this mod is not finished, and therefore it is not recommended for online use.

What we have here, is a new serverside mod built off the SDK. Sadly, there's no features list, and as much as I'd love to test it and list everything I find, I've just come out of a fresh Windows XP reinstall and don't want to try anything unstable. Sorry, but other than what the screenshots show, I don't know much about what this one does.

From the areas of the code that I read through, the code seems solid enough, and I could find no instantly recognisable security threats.

Take care, when installing the pre-compiled mod into the gamedata folder, to make sure that you ONLY copy the folder and files listed in the installation.txt.

The most important thing about this file is that as well as a pre-installed version, this abandonware project also contains the source code, which is free for anyone to use as long as full credit is given to XharocK.

Well, what more can I really say? Have fun!

~ Kouen

(I'd like to take this time to apologise for the delay in getting this up. There's really no excuse other than simple human error, so you have my sincere apologies.)

Side note: Does anyone else find it stupid that using HTML to change the font color to "lightred" creates a blue font? :rolleyes:

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: MultiPlayer Xtra 
AUTHOR: XharocK (Dominic Bodman)

DATE RELEASED: 28 October 2006

CREDITS: Full credits can be found in Docs/MultiPlayer Xtra Readme.txt

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: To install the pre-made version of MultiPlayer Xtra simply copy the folder "MultiPlayer_Xtra to your GameData folder. Easy huh? I'm not explaining how to build the source code. If you downloaded this I am hoping you already know.

DESCRIPTION: This package contains a pre-made version of MultiPlayer Xtra and the full source code and other assets used to create it. MultiPlayer Xtra is a server side mod with client side addons for JKA. It is primarily an admin mod to help admins keep control of their server but also has some fun features to play with.

BUGS: Please not this mod WAS NEVER FINISHED! Although it was close to completion tehre were still many things to add and bugs to fix. You can use this mod to run on your server if you wish but I cannot be held responsible for any damage it may cause to you or your server. This package is primarily for people who are interested in starting their own mod and want to see how it's done or need a starting point.

COMMENTS: You may use this source code in any other project you choose howeveryou must creadit me XharocK (Dominic Bodman) as the author of the original Base Code and it would be nice if you let me know via e-mail :)


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