W00t! GothicX is back.. after a year apparently. Seemed longer :( I don't know how many of you know him but I consider him one of my mentors...


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W00t! GothicX is back.. after a year apparently. Seemed longer :( I don't know how many of you know him but I consider him one of my mentors, even if he doesn't ;) So whenever you get a GothicX map, expect a) A weird name, and b) a well-made map.

Okay, on that note I have no idea why this map was named Mustard, as its more grey than well, mustardy. Still, I think GothicX is known for his odd map names, oh and his mapping skills of course. I did get the feeling he was being quite conservative with his abilities in this map, probably due to the contest restrictions and his year-absence from mapping. I guess I'll start with the music. It instantly reminded me of a UT-style track, and the level design certainly seemed like UT2004. Also, it is definitely a guns map - too small for any large-scale battles, but for a few friends duking out it seems an ideal map, as it has very nice height variation as well as ground space for jumping around and showing off your cool JK3 skills. Of course, I have no JK3 skills so I could only look at it. :)

I did find a bug though! Underwater, the gun spawn isn't on the floor and is kinda floating.. and looks a little wierd. The water itself is okay - better than JK3 defaults, but I think I'm too used to HL2 water :) Aside from that though, and the general lack of color in the map, it's a fun play. I liked the skybox as well - I think I'd have chosen a different glass texture however. Seems a little off from the feel of the rest of the map. Heh, I'm not complaining though. Just promise you'll make some more maps :) Oh, and I don't buy that bot support excuse in the readme - for me, any bot support is better than none! *slapped wrists*

New Textures: Yes New Sounds: Yes Bot Support: No

~Szico VII~

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5 September 2005
Map Name : Mustard
Author : GothiX
Email Address : --
Website URL :
Map description : Map built for the geocomp; the objective was to cramp a lot of geometric detail in a small space. I think I did fairly well. Be sure to keep an eye out for other Geocomp maps! 

Mustard, well, yeah, I don't know exactly what it is, but it sure as hell was a pain in the ass to build. Mind you: Due to the small size, this map if only suitable for 4-player FFA/TFFA. I suppose you could duel on it, but it sure as hell wasn't intended. The map is design for a FF/guns game between four players, hence the various trickjumping options. Credit for the name goes to Thrawn42689 'cuz he's sexy.

First released map in well over a year, so I suppose you'd better go and enjoy it.

Beta testers : MetalMan, Deloused, and Inferno.
Additional Credits to : Lassev for helping me out with some basic scripting issues, ydnar for some of the textures (though somewhat modified) such as the sky. 

* Play Information *

New Sounds : YES (Teh muzak.)
New Skins : YES - Various textures.
New Objects : NO
Botroutes : NO, because frankly, the map is too complex for botbrains.

* Construction *
Brush Count : 942
Entity Count : 46
Base info : All from scratch.

Software used : GTK Radiant 1.4.0, Photoshop 7, WordPad, Icarus2.
Known Bugs : If I had known them, they'd be fixed.
Build Time : Waytoolong.

* How to use this map *

Drop gx_geo1.pk3 in your gamedata/base folder, load up Jedi Academy and get ready for
some good old fraggin'!

*Other info*

Got bored of the map? Try trickjumping around a bit! Also, be aware of one little thing: Jumping into the water will not cause any fall damage, unless you of course decide to stay there and drown. 

* Copyright / Permissions *


If you want to use this map in any mod, TC or other form of release, please ask me first.

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