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Yes Finally we have a Mysteries of the Sith Kyle reskin! Why am I so happy you ask? Well for me it was the Mysteries of the Sith d...


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Yes!!! Finally we have a Mysteries of the Sith Kyle reskin! Why am I so happy you ask? Well for me it was the Mysteries of the Sith demo that came with my then new PC that started off my love of the Jedi Knight series. I’ve played through that demo so many times, and it always brings back memories!

I am most pleased therefore that DarthPhae, after having just released his excellent Yun skin has decided to release an MOTS Kyle skin too! So let’s have a look at this skin…

DarthPhae has previously released three versions of his Dark Forces Kyle reskin, each getting better, now I am glad to see that he has also made an Mysteries of the Sith version of Kyle. Being quite familiar with Kyle’s appearance in MOTS I can tell you that this skin is indeed very accurate. I am especially impressed with the hair colouring, DarthPhae has got it just right, with the goatee beard and the hair fading from a nice brown colour into the trademark greying patches.

Moving downwards, the distinctive black clothing and armour that Kyle wore in Mysteries of the Sith has also been faithfully reproduced. The texture work is up to a very good standard as has been evident with all of the author’s work thus far, and he has done a good job to get the details just right. Afterall the actual skin in MOTS used very low resolution textures, so there will have been a lot of questions as to what kind of fabric texture to use and what details to use when the author was making this skin.

The skin also includes team support, and bot support also, which is good. There are a few things I think could be improved upon however. Foremost among these are the team skins. The skins have been very subtly tinted either red or blue for the respective teams, but the tinting is a bit too subtle and is not easy to make out sometimes. Personally I think some red or blue piping around the edges of the armour plates would look cool, or maybe a few subtle patches of colour here and there. Other than that I think the trousers could do with a bit more detail on them, perhaps a few creases here and there, as they look a little flat at the moment.

Apart from that though a magnificent skin here! What is more the skin also contains the original sounds used in MOTS. My favourite being the ‘grunt’ sound that you usually get when you fall from a high place and loose some health. Instead of the usual grunt, Kyle wittily says “gravity is a harsh mistress!” which if I remember right is out of the second map of the Asteroid level. Genius! Fantastic idea to include that soundset there mate. ;)

All in all then excellent work here, I recommend a download for anyone who is a fan of Mysteries of the Sith! :)

New Sounds: Yes Bot Support:Yes Team Support: Yes


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Download '' (3.12MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE:  Mysteries of the Sith Kyle
AUTHOR: DarthPhae

FILESIZE: 3,218 KB (3.14 MB) 
RELEASED: DATE: October 01, 2008

CREDITS: Raven, for making the model it self.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS: Open the ZIP file and move the .pk3 file into the gamedate/base folder which you should find in your Jedi Academy directory

DESCRIPTION: Well this is a skin of Kyle Katarn, the way he looked in the Dark forces II expansion pack, Mysteries of the Sith. 

BUGS: None.

COMMENTS: If you have an idea for this skin, please tell me in the comment section. 

Permission: You can use this skin if you want in your own mod, just remember to give me credit. ;)


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