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Here is a file by someone I know! It is a name changer by [LC]Accident. What this tool does is it lets you change your name using hot keys. Instead of making multiple binds for different names. It doesn't really slow you down with your ping so if you had a 60 ping it might be like 61 or 62. This is really useful for people who have multiple names or like to go undercover like I do. It is quite good for people have no more open keys for binds.

This is only really good for people who need to change there name like every day or so like Accident does ;). It's an extremely good thing to have just because it doesnt take up binds and the keys are easy to use. The hot keys only let you use letters plus the control key. Well good job Accident I like it! I think I will use this a lot.




Renamer Readme

File Name:		Name Changer 1.0 
Developer: 		[LC] accident
File Size:		44k
Build Date:		Friday January 16, 2004
Website: 		www.clanlc.com
Email: 			[email protected]
Installation:		Extract all the files to the same location. Anywhere you prefer. You will need the VB6 runtime files

Comments:		If you find any bugs or have suggestions email me or contact me on msn ([email protected]) or by email.


How To Use:
First you can enter in as many names as you like into the names list 
Type in the name (if it has a space in it, you must enclose the name qith quotes) by entering the name into the textbox then pressing "Add this name to list" button.

Set up your hotkeys to whatever you like. Please note that if a hotkey is already in use by another program, an error message will come up.
Once you set them up, press the "Update hot keys" button.
You can remove any command you wish by clicking the appropriate button.

When your in game, pressing the scrolling hotkeys will scroll you up and down in the names list (it will appear which name your on in the upper right hand screen)
You can then hit the hotkey to change it to the corresponding name.

Also, when your in game you can type !listnames  to display all the names in the names list.
You can also add names in game by typing !addname  with your name u want following.. Don't use quotes for this, because the program will automatically add them for you.
Also, by they way the JKA console is set up, I cannot read the colours from the name. So when you use the !addname command, all colour information will be lost.
There is nothing I can do to fix this.

Brent Douglas. This guy provided the code on how to actually communicate with the quake 3 console.. I just had to modify it so it would communicate with
JKA's. Without him, I would not of been able to do this.

Legal Stuff:
I am in no way responsible for any harm this program may cause, even
though the odds of that happening are insignificant. You may freely
distribute the EXE, so long as this ReadMe remains with it, intact, and
This program is not supported by id, RavenSoft, or LucasArts.

Jedi Academy is a trademark of Raven Software,

Star Wars Jedi Knight are trademarks of LucasArts Entertainment/LucasFilm Inc

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