I can’t stand anime. Something about it just ticks me. This skin is anime, and more specifically, Naraku. Ugh. This reminds me of those kids...


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I can’t stand anime. Something about it just ticks me. This skin is anime, and more specifically, Naraku. Ugh. This reminds me of those kids in my school that buy those books and read them backwards. Meh. I'll just leave it at that and get on with the review.

I’m sure some of you out there can explain to me who Naraku is later. While I’ve heard of him/her, I’ve never really seen Naraku in the shows that much. One or two episodes was enough for me. However, here we have a skin of it. From a technical standpoint, this skin isn’t so bad. From my own opinion, well, see above.

There are two versions of this. A Naraku “normal” and a Naraku “mad.” Cool I guess, but I just don’t like it. It was done well and everything, is quite detailed, visually has some nice stuff going for it, but doesn’t quite fit my taste. It doesn’t come with bot support or team support, and also lacks sounds, which makes this even weirder. To me, most anime characters need sounds when made into models or skins. Even if it’s just a cliche “I’m going to blow you off the face of the planet/universe/tree” or an unorigional “kamehameha,” it would make the skin nicer. Anime skins to me just need that kind of thing, mostly because they aren’t jedi and don’t even know what the force is. But that’s just my opinion.

Anime fans rejoice; you have something to download.

New Sounds: No Team Support: No Bot Support No


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Naraku Skin for Jedi Academy

Author: [MAFiA]Naraku


Finally a naraku skin from the anime series inuyasha I was tired of just 
seeing an inuyasha skin pack with only good characters of the show
so i made naraku, inuyasha's greatest enemy. I would like to 
thank jk3files and all the people for inspiring me to make 
this skin. I hope you like it!

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