Narshadda Town Wall

It's long been a sci-fi staple that there are 'megacity' worlds. Nar Shaddaa is one such metropolis. We know one big city spans the entirety...


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File Description

It's long been a sci-fi staple that there are 'megacity' worlds. Nar Shaddaa is one such metropolis. We know one big city spans the entirety of the Smuggler's Moon, but hasn't anyone ever wondered what it's built on? Here's one idea.

So, summary. Rocky basin with a small lake, the wall leading into the Nar Shaddaa undercity at one end, at the other end what looks like some 'outcast' base consisting of a sentry post, a few run-down buildings, what I can only guess is a tank hangar, and a few guns. Both places have what I assume are flag resting zones for CTF. There's also one secret room that's not much of a secret at all - that glass wall gave a kinda weird effect, almost 'hall of mirrors' like you get when looking into the void, but not quite.

Okay, the good points. The level is wide and open, plenty of space for firefights but it's mostly going to come down to long-range combat. The closing distance for Jedi players is a bit of a pain. For that reason the map, for it's relative simplicity, is a gunner's dream. There's definitely a cyberpunk theme going on, even if it's not exactly Nar Shaddaa's style. Given the size of the map, performance is good, and there's no relatively glaring errors.

Iffy things. That Z-95 up there should tilt forwards and fall. Luckily for whoever's sat in the cockpit, JA doesn't have a physics system, or they'd be strawberry jam. The lighting in some spots is dodgy, and the rapidly flashing lights in one area may harm the eyes of any mildly epileptic players, so be careful. Texture alignment is off in places but it's really not that bad and you won't particularly see it unless you look for it. Also, the Star Wars logos and Force Unleased character poster.... breaks the suspension of disbelief. :p

And now onto the bad things. The entire map is very basic, and while that's not inherently bad, I feel more could have been done and can be done for other versions; and can still be done for future versions. No sign of the bottom of the 'megacity' in the skybox, which is a shame - it would have made a nice touch, but I can live without it I guess. Once destroyed, guns won't respawn until the map is reloaded, which obviously puts a dampener on the gameplay aspect as once they're down and out, your choices come to lightsaber or disruptor - and getting a Jedi in close might be troublesome if the other team's guns are still active.

Not a bad map at all, though it could be better it's a very good start. I'll be keeping my eyes open for future versions. Definitely recommended for the CTF gametype, though - it's charm in other gametypes would be somewhat limited.

~ Kouen

Bot Routing: Yes Custom Audio: Yes Custom Textures: Yes Custom Meshes No

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Install-Instructions    : Extract narshawall.pk3 to your GameData/base/ directory
			 It will appear as NARSHADDAA TOWN WALL in your map list.
Title                   : Narshaddaa Town Wall
Type                    : FFA,T-FFA,CTF,Duell..enc.
File Name               : narshawall.pk3
File Size               : 25.8 Mb
Author(s)               : Nik_o_ma or Niklas Ganer 
Date of Release         : 28/06/2008
Brushes:                :7694
Entities:               :205
Build in 7.5 hours(!)
* Play Information *

Level name(s)           : Narshadda Town Wall
JK version required     : Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy ver. 1.01

Bot-Support		: YES

New Textures		: YES
New Models              : NO
New WAVs                : NO
New Music               : YES
New Shader              : YES
New Effekts             : YES

Email Address           :
Homepage                :
Have Fun with it!


You MAY distribute this level, provided you include this file, with
no modifications or you may only distrubute the file as a pk3.
You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) ,
with NO charge (other than incidental charges for time spent on-line).

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