Nataria's Melee Pack 2

nataria_melee_pack_2.zip —


weapons. This is a completely independent pack to the first one that he/she released, so don't go deleteing it.These are all under the single hilt menu this time, although there are 2 weapons that could be classed as staff saber type. 18 weapons in here, one secret, most with all new weapon hit effects, and a few with animated textures. I've grown especially fond of the Energy Claymore. :D A few of the weapons are basically shields. One of them would definitely not work in real life battle situations because of it's small size. It still looks cool though. I didn't find any issues at all. If it were me though, I would've put the 2 staff type weapons into the staff saber menu. That's just my preference. Even though the staff types appear in the single hilt menu, they still use staff saber type animations.This and Nataria's first weapons pack, are certainly keepers in my own opinion. I can't wait to see what Nataria cooks up for a third pack! :DNew Models: YesNew Textures: YesNew Sounds: YesNew Effects: YesPS: I kept saying "he/she", because I am not aware of what gender you are. My apologies. :p-SuperSmeg


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