Nave panda

High school starts in just a few hours... Will it never end!?

Here are the notes I took while I was running in circles looking at this ma...


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High school starts in just a few hours... Will it never end!?

Here are the notes I took while I was running in circles looking at this map. Yes, these are 'as-is'.

-high use of patches -decent layout -good use of lighting, but there's an occasional splotch where there shouldn't be (remember, patches don't normally cast shadows, but brushes do!) -clipping where it's needed (pit and bug window) -stretched textures -bad areaportalling -only one side of the areaportal brush should have the areaportal shader, the others use skip!) -door that leads to outside the map (Run for your life!!!!) -a bar... what is it with clan maps and bars? -no sounds on door movement -SMALL: rail around floor window in main area has no visible means of support -no music -decent use of light 'cones' -should expand outwards more -clan reference! -grating in side room should have a grate-ish sound to it (no Q3map_material in the shader) -nice use of shadowing in hidden passage -passage has two visible doors, but only one actually works! (one is still structural brush) -doors open wrong! (the big ones should be in two halves that slide to each side, not one whole piece that slides down!) -side window thing can be used to get outside with ease! -lack of interactivity -no weapon or health pickups, despite what Tanu said in the readme (not good for free for all!) -author mentioned missing texture... where is it? (maybe i have it while he doesn't? o.O) -too small for a real ffa, more like a duel -only one spawn point! that's a baaad no-no! -easy to get through patches with japlus--try adding physics clip BRUSHES on the other side! -Tanu says there are NPCs to be found, where are they?

Basically, what we have appears to be a clan map. It's a spaceship, but odly enough, it's not in orbit! Oh well, some ships DO enter atmo at times. This particular ship is rather small, with a main room, a side room, and a corridor that leads outside the map. There is a secret passage that can be accessed from the corridor, but it only leads to a fake door. There's some good use of light sources present, and good architecture. I noticed, while running around, that there was the high amount of patches being used to good purpose. That's a big plus for the author, especially since it's his first map. Unfortunately, there is some stretching of textures here and there...

Bugs: There are quite a few present. Refer to my notes to see what I'm talking about. Also, the author didn't include a .arena file, so you have to use /map to get to it. And that's another thing, the map name is vt.bsp. I suggest renaming that to NavePanda.bsp or something. And next submission use .zip instead of .rar, to increase user friendlyness.

At a glance, I wouldn't think this was a first map, but the first map rules aren't written in stone, so I'll let the author live. :P

~Crazy Assassin

Bot Routing: No Secrets: Yes (only one) Gametype: FFA New Textures: Yes New Shaders: Yes New Sounds: No New Music: No

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Download 'navepanda.rar' (1.19MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Nave panda
AUThOR: Tanu

FILE NAME: navepanda.pk3
FILE SIZE: 5.116kb
Date Released: 24/08/2008

Thansk to Clan Pandaz, MasterJinn and AEM comunity.

Instaling: Extract file to gamedata/base in your gamefolder

Description: The map it's a spaceship called Panda, it's the name of my clan. It's my first map for Jedi Academy

BUGS: You can find a white panel with no texture.

You are free to use the shaders/textures of the map


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