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My review of the previous version: Here are the notes I took while I was running in circles looking at this map. Yes, these are 'a...


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My review of the previous version:

Here are the notes I took while I was running in circles looking at this map. Yes, these are 'as-is'.

-high use of patches

-decent layout

-good use of lighting, but there's an occasional splotch where there shouldn't be (remember, patches don't normally cast shadows, but brushes do!)

-clipping where it's needed (pit and bug window)

-stretched textures

-bad areaportalling -only one side of the areaportal brush should have the areaportal shader, the others use skip!)

-door that leads to outside the map (Run for your life!!!!)

-a bar... what is it with clan maps and bars?

-no sounds on door movement

-SMALL: rail around floor window in main area has no visible means of support

-no music

-decent use of light 'cones' -should expand outwards more

-clan reference!

-grating in side room should have a grate-ish sound to it (no Q3map_material in the shader)

-nice use of shadowing in hidden passage

-passage has two visible doors, but only one actually works! (one is still structural brush)

-doors open wrong! (the big ones should be in two halves that slide to each side, not one whole piece that slides down!)

-side window thing can be used to get outside with ease!

-lack of interactivity

-no weapon or health pickups, despite what Tanu said in the readme (not good for free for all!)

-author mentioned missing texture... where is it? (maybe i have it while he doesn't? o.O)

-too small for a real ffa, more like a duel

-only one spawn point! that's a baaad no-no!

-easy to get through patches with japlus--try adding physics clip BRUSHES on the other side!

-Tanu says there are NPCs to be found, where are they?

Basically, what we have appears to be a clan map. It's a spaceship, but odly enough, it's not in orbit! Oh well, some ships DO enter atmo at times. This particular ship is rather small, with a main room, a side room, and a corridor that leads outside the map. There is a secret passage that can be accessed from the corridor, but it only leads to a fake door. There's some good use of light sources present, and good architecture. I noticed, while running around, that there was the high amount of patches being used to good purpose. That's a big plus for the author, especially since it's his first map. Unfortunately, there is some stretching of textures here and there...

Bugs: There are quite a few present. Refer to my notes to see what I'm talking about. Also, the author didn't include a .arena file, so you have to use /map to get to it. And that's another thing, the map name is vt.bsp. I suggest renaming that to NavePanda.bsp or something. And next submission use .zip instead of .rar, to increase user friendlyness.

At a glance, I wouldn't think this was a first map, but the first map rules aren't written in stone, so I'll let the author live. :P

Well, well... This IS an improvement. Apparently, Tanu uploaded the wrong file with the last one. I won't go into depth though.

Changes: GREATLY improved layout and size, weapon spawns are present, NPCs in one or two areas, a proper .arena file, and music! More areas to explore now, from what appears to be a communications room to a prison, to air ducts.

Bugs: There's a light that seems to float below the ceiling in one point, the white shader Tanu mentioned is there now (try looking at your shader), the door to the armory doesn't open, and there are still a few places where it's easy to get out of the map at. Oh, and when looking in the side window in the bridge, you can see other parts of the map.

Bot Routing: No New Textures: Yes New Shaders: Yes New Music: Yes (warning: it's rather annoying!) Secrets: Yes (One) Gametype: FFA

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Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
TITLE: Nave panda
AUThOR: Tanu

FILE NAME: navepanda.pk3
FILE SIZE: 5.116kb
Date Released: 24/08/2008

Thansk to Clan Pandaz, MasterJinn and AEM comunity.

Instaling: Extract file to gamedata/base in your gamefolder

Description: A next ''version'' of the map with some bugs fixed. I hope you like the improved version.

BUGS: You can find a white panel with no texture.

You are free to use the shaders/textures of the map


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