Navy Pilot

Oooh, a Navy officer, and not a single grizzly former Marine or Israeli super-ninja chick in sight! Awesome.

Now, if you're hoping for a...


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Oooh, a Navy officer, and not a single grizzly former Marine or Israeli super-ninja chick in sight! Awesome.

Now, if you're hoping for a super-realistic uniformed guy, guess again. This isn't technically a new release, more a re-release of a file long since lost. Back in those days, software and techniques used for modding were less developed than today. So it's a little cartoony. Does it hurt the quality? No, because in JA you're not going to have hi-res pixel shader bollocks making everything look like it just stepped out of a BBC-HD show displayed on a 65" LCD TV.

In the skin's credit, it does look very different from the base, the Kyle model. A whole new face, a whole new outfit, completely new. All that remains is Kyle's old belt. That's a feat for any texture artist. So, bonus points for effort and technique there. Pulling up some US Navy Pilot uniform screenshots, I can't help but commend the accuracy of each different skin; they're almost like-for-like representations of the real deal. Just look and thou shall see.

Few negatives, I get the feeling the textures could've been a little higher-res. They're about halfway between PS1 and PS2 quality, which isn't bad, but it's not the best it could have been. It should be recognised that compromises do have to be made, however, and perfection should not be chased as it's an impossible goal. The fact Kyle's original belt remains is a bit of a downer, but it's negligible.

Overall not much to complain about, and for those military fans out there this'll do wonders. Anyone else wanting some quality modern-era real world skins would do well to pay attention too.


~ Kouen

Bot Profiles: No Team Support: Yes Custom Audio: No NPC Profiles: No

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Name: Navy Pilot
Team Colors: Yes
Bot support:No
New Sounds:No
Origional Model:Kyle

My interpretation of a navy pilot, kinda a blend between what they wore in the movie top gun, and research.
The team skins are different dress uniforms for him, and the main skin is a jump suit. It was based off the
kyle skin, although everything was redone, including the face. 

I could care less if you reuse this file, have fun, just give me credit

This file is not made, distributed or endorsed by lucasarts or raven software, and they will not be lyable, nor
will filefront or me if this file somehow, however unlikely, damages your computer. By using this file you 
accept these terms.

More Info:

This was a file i made a LONG time ago, when i was actually a respectable skinner on pcgamemods 
(kinda shows how long ago) This was a file i was actually making for a total conversion navy mod i was making
by myself. However a while ago the community kinda made me... lets say mad, and i never finished it.
Anyway i digress, this file isnt 100% completed, a couple of the boarders on some of the patches look a lil
cartoonie, and a couple spots on the torso are smudged a lil to help it blend, but its pretty good in game

dont ask my why i decided to submit it after all this time, kinda saw it sitting there, and have been slowly
getting back into playing jka with my friends at my college, so i decided to submit it. 

anyway, im submitting it under the name cursedone222, because thats the current name i use on the filefront forums
however im curious to see who can figure out who i was in the old community
more so because im interested in finding out how many of them are still around
i made skins titled obi-wan (had 4 versions), sith knight v2, element skater, and a neo model (as well as several

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