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It was quite a while since we've seen any skins like this one. That's right folks, a Nazi. But fear not my dear readers for this one as I se...


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It was quite a while since we've seen any skins like this one. That's right folks, a Nazi. But fear not my dear readers for this one as I see it can not be accused of anti-semitics, cruelty, (and all the other things we should blame on rap music instead of a silly, albeit well done skin) for this one is an evil, evil zombie.

I was quite torn up on how to review this, and whether it would be fair of me to judge this skin in it's entirety. I decided that no, after all not that much has changed. With all due respect to the author, when I played with this skin, I could honestly not tell the difference between this, and the original. Why you ask? Because all that's changed is his mouth and partly torso.

Ever hear the term 'Fascist Pig'? Of course you have. (Excuse the pun) One might say this skin is the embodiment of this. This Nazi zombie for one has absolutely no table manners, nor is he particularly skilled at using a napkin. The original's snobby looking mustached jaw has been replaced with a bloodied set of yellow looking teeth and he's now has pale eyes. The teeth seem to be skinned perfectly fine, you can't really see any gums or lips, but that's not something you notice outside of ModView. His beautiful uniform also suffered on our zombies bloody rampage, alas, it now has a very large blood stain running down form his cheeks. The stain itself is neither particularly well, or badly done, it looks fine, but not as realistic as it could.

Oh yes, this pack also includes new sounds for the original Nazi Officer and Hitler, but due to the authors courtesy you will need to download those skins separately. When I listened to the Hitler sounds, Vegito from Dragon Ball Z was constantly on my mind, for the zombified sounds feel like there are two men speaking at once. The Nazi Officer sounds sounded very unnatural and robotic, and maybe a tad too loud. The Nazi Undead includes the exact same sounds, except modified to be a bit deeper and more demonic. I guess the biggest fault of the sounds are the many repeats, for example there is only one pain sound, as well as taunt.

If you enjoy Nazis or zombies give this a download, if you enjoy both, your in for quite a treat.

Bot Support: No, New Sounds: Yes, as well as sounds for Hitler and Nazi Officer Team Support: No,

~Metall Pingwin

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Download '' (1.26MB)

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy 
TITLE**: Nazi Pack
AUTHOR**: Mudkip

FILENAME: myskin.pk3 
FILESIZE: 425.1 kb 
DATE RELEASED: 24 January 2005 

CREDITS**: 2.27 mb

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS**: simply drag and drop the .pk3 file into your gamedata>base folder

DESCRIPTION**: This is an undead Nazi...Pretty scary huh, I made this after watching 
Hitler: The Rise of Evil, so sue me for getting motivated. Anyway it includes new sounds 
not only for the original Nazi Officer skin but the Hitler skin aswell.Seing as the Hitler
 skin has flashy demon eyes I gave him a demon like voice. Enjoy.

BUGS: none 

COMMENTS:  This isnt made to be offensive, it's made for people who can take a joke.


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