This small CTF map consists of two "islands," so to speak, floating in the middle of space. I suppose the idea is that each island houses...


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This small CTF map consists of two "islands," so to speak, floating in the middle of space. I suppose the idea is that each island houses a team, with the blue team getting the larger island. Connecting the two islands is a very long glassy-looking bridge. The red team by far has the advantage, as they have an automated turret protecting their flag. The blue team doesn't seem to have anything. On top of that, if you fall off either of the islands, or the bridge, be prepared to kill yourself, as not only will the fall not kill you, but it will shove you to the blue side of the map, leaving you unable to move.

To be honest, for a final version of a map I find this rather buggy, to the extent that it probably wouldn't be a lot of fun to play. It's a bit too small and too simple to be an effective CTF map as well, and there's really not a lot of room to fight, so I would imagine it would be more a game of "who falls off first."

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Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Name: Negata-G (final)
Author: FuL*CruM
File Type:
	CTF only
Negative G force is slightly screwed up.


Two Frostlaiden meteors.
One CTF Match.
Four thousand Kills

-Quotia: (Unreal Tournament 2003-
Two Asteroids
One Destiny
Thirty Thousand Headshots)

Ok so its two ice meteors in the middle of space with a bridge connected to it. Nothing special about it now, right?
But now when you fall off, you shoot across the map to a location where you are fighting alone.
This part is a little buggy (well it isnt my fault really, its the stupid trigger_pushes fault.....)
Also, the gravity is increased so when you get pushes while in mid-air it will do tons more falling damage.
The big finish here is that each base has a little bit of defense added to it.

The Blue base is secluded whereas the Red base has a large sentry gun guarding the flag.
I have noticed that the snow is dark and ive done all in my way to fix it, but despite my efforts, the snow is dark.

Credits: Raven Software for the music. Myself for the map.


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