So, this is supposed to be Neo, from The Matrix, of course. The author made sure in the readme that you know that yes, there's a trench and...


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So, this is supposed to be Neo, from The Matrix, of course. The author made sure in the readme that you know that yes, there's a trench and sunglasses. But there's just something about this skin that doesn't look quite right to me. The skin itself is fine, it's the head that looks a little funky. Like right above the eyes. And the ears are a little too high and too big. So it just looks weird and disproportionate. Is that a word? I think so. *shrug* Anyway ... the red team skin is just the default skin and the blue one is Neo with that ripped shirt, y'know? And I think he has a blindfold on as well. Bot support is included, but no new sounds. Why not? This is Neo! Give him like, Neo sounds. :P

Bot Support: Yes Team Colors: Yes New Sounds: No


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Author-|KOTF|Qui-Gon Jinn{JM}
File name-Neo_r.pk3
File size-2,570 kb
Bot support-Yes
team colors-Yes
Build time-A couple months total

Description- This is Neo (yes from the matrix) from reloaded/revolutions. I know the first
question that your thinking and YES HE DOES HAVE THE TRENCH COAT!! he also has the
sunglasses. I also used a picture of Neo from the movie for the face to be acurate.
I thined it out a little as suggested in the comments of the teaser video i released a 
couple of days ago. The blue team color is neo in his soldiers uniform (the bluish beat
up shirt and pants) and he has the rag over his eyes with a little bit of the scorch marks
from agent smith. The red team color is basicly neo without the trench coat (still black)

Known bugs-Since this is a skin based on another model there are two known bugs that despite
my hardest efforts i have not been able to find out how to fix it
1.Since i only edited the .skin files to change some of the shape the origional shape shows
for a few moments when getting drained, lightninged, dueling ect.....
2.He only throws up one saber when doing the kata in duel sabers

Disclamer-This file is not made or distributed by lucas arts, raven games, or activision
meaning they will not by lyable nor will I if this file somehow damages your computer.

Thanks to- 
Myth- He deserves about 5% of the credit for his myth 2.0 model i used as a base. 
I did change alot of it including some of the basic shape but the myth model had the best
trench coat i have ever seen so i used it for Neo.

Graves-He also deserves about 5% of the credit because he made the origional model that myth
used to make his model (as far as i can tell)

Soulburn-He gave me the idea to use the rag over Neo's eyes in the blue team color

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